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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends...Enjoy your time with your family and the turkey. Thankful for finding this site and ALL the amazing info and priceless input from the seasoned inspectors here... Thanks All
  2. Thanks Joe I will check for that before I sign up. Good to kmow
  3. Great thanks to you all for the advice.... appreciate it.
  4. Thanks Kurt Good to hear someone say something good about them, You find them good to deal with?
  5. Hi All Can anyone that's using a POS company and happy with them in Ontario Canada or who to avoid. I hear bad things about Square that they are tough to deal with and hold your money for long periods..Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey All Just reading the thread here, I know alot inspectors here meet the client and have the contract signed at the curb and fee is paid in full by CC before the inspection is done..Asking around and seems to be common according the agents I have spoken to that way there is no issue..the CC or debit card is declined, no inspection is done.
  7. Awesome thanks so much Marc appreciate the info.
  8. Thanks Eric Good points, maybe you guys could offer some of the better things to have in a contract that you found help yourselves. Just trying to get things in order as I do my course so I can hit the ground running. Appreciate it Paul
  9. That's Great Guys! Thank you for your answers and the other info you have shared. Appreciate it gives me a place to start. Paul
  10. Hi Everyone I'm new to the forums here and just learning the business too. I'm trying to find out if there is a format for a standard contract that I could use or do you make the contract for your clients from scratch. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks All
  11. Hi there Did you find out anything in regards to the insurance question you have posted? I am currently doing my inspectors course and need to find out about the insurance too. TIA
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