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  1. Looks like it's going to be about 4K which I'm pleased with. Both the contractor and inspector came out to take a look and gave great information.
  2. My inspection is tomorrow so I am going to point my inspector To the area and see what he thinks!
  3. Sorry - maybe I worded it wrong.. I'm not asking whether the price seems in line, but just what I should ask my contractor when he goes out to look at it, and what to look out for. We wrote it into the contract that I need to have an impartial party come give a bid.
  4. 62caster

    Fascia Rot

    Hi all, Put an offer in on the house that had a known issue with the fascia board (due to clogged gutters). The previous offer fell through because the buyer was spooked by a 9k repair estimate. Since then, the seller has received an estimate from a contractor her agent recommended for 3k. It includes... Repair fascia/drip edge @ left & right front corners of garage. Repair fascia/drip edge @ right front gable. Repair fascia/drip edge/soffit @ left front gable. Repair fascia @ left lower rear gable. Repair fascia/drip edge at left rear corner of house (facing rear). Repair fascia/drip edge/soffit @ left rear corner of garage (facing rear). Install flashing at five small gable ends. Replace damaged shingles at front porch gutter. From experience, does this look adequate for repair? Anything I should specifically ask about or look for? Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but from the naked eye it doesn't seem bad at all. Thoughts?
  5. I've made the decision to do nothing. My knee jerk reaction to spray even though I know all moisture issues were corrected was based solely on future resale, and the potential of a ruined deal because of an under-educated buyer. If it would make somebody feel comfortable, I'll spray at the time of selling, but until then all the corrections made will eliminate any future growth, and I feel confident in that. Thanks all for the suggestions and help!
  6. If I'm being 100% honest, it's not necessary to do in my eyes. I've corrected any problem that was there (slight negative grade, couple of jammed gutters, and some downspouts). And the growth is just so minor - my inspector said 8/10 houses on my street would have the same thing. At this point, I want peace of mind, and to avoid any conflict at the time of resale. It's an EPA approved product being applied by a licensed company offering a lifetime regrowth warranty - I would think that would make the next owners feel secure. That being said, I don't want somebody to be put off by not having insulation in the floor joists. Honestly, it's sad that there is such a lack of education surrounding this issue, which ultimately is causing a lot of people who don't actually have an issue to pay good money for a "fix". I understand for most folks it's easy to take things at face value, but I just wish people would be more willing to listen to their inspectors instead of their real estate agents. (rant over)
  7. Hi everybody - I'm going to be spraying some Bora Care with Mold Care in my crawl soon, and wanted to get opinions on keeping in the cotton batt insulation between the joists, or just removing it all together. I'm located in Middle TN so weather is pretty mild. My old place didn't have it (built in 1990), and I never seemed to have an issue, but thought I would check anyway. Main concern is a future buyer thinking there would be an issue - although again that didn't happen in my last place! Thanks!
  8. Will do, thanks for the help. @Kurt, the main inspiration is because the minor fungus growth
  9. Not yet, he is giving me the official bid today. Estimated at 1k. Good grief.
  10. If it's gonna fix my drainage, I want it! Seems like the french drain is the best solution.
  11. I spoke with the landscaper and a contractor. I won't be adding any dirt or changing any weep holes. A good ol' french drain will be going in, along with some light landscaping (not against the house, but a foot away or so). He wants to put in some very thirsty ornamental grass.
  12. and thanks for that reference link, Marc. Weeps and (I assume) flashing are above grade, so that makes me feel a bit better about it.
  13. I may be ignorant here, but the rim joist goes around the perimeter, correct? if so, that does not have fungus, a couple of the floor joists in the area do. Assuming it is due to moisture under there.
  14. Rim joist is not below grade, just 2-3 rows of brick veneer
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