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  1. Also, there is no basement. The crawl space is about 3' off the ground.
  2. House is about 60 years old. All brick. There were gutters but were removed before we purchased. It is a very flat neighborhood, however water does run away from the house. There is no standing water anywhere against the house. Even if it was, I would be shocked if water could seep through the ground and brick in that short of a time period. We are talking about 3000 gallons back in the crawl space within less than 12 hours.
  3. My wife and I purchased a home 3 years ago in southern Alabama. At that time, there was no water in the crawl space. We recently listed our house and had an accepted offer. The inspector found so much standing water under the house (in crawl space) that he would not even go under to inspect until it was dry. We have 14 air vents and an access point that were all at or slightly below grade. (The previous owners must have built up the lot a while back). The ground level in the crawl space is about 6" lower than the exterior ground. We assumed that rain water runoff was pouring through the ven
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