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  1. I have been an expert witness in a claim against an inspector. It is true, both sides of counsel will rip testimony to shreds. The key I learned from that experience is... It didn't matter about the phrase used (Serviceable, functional Etc.) that is too big of a pissing match for someone to sue you. What is important, something that should have been reported, but wasn't. Now you got a problem. Inspect thoroughly and report what was observed. If something is as you would expect, describe it, if it wasn't, describe that. Supporting pictures are also a big plus even if they are not included in the report.
  2. I wouldn't recommend Godaddy Ive had GoDaddy for about five years now and every few months I threaten to move and I would if it wasn't such a hassle. There new web builder 7 is better in some ways, but there new hosting plans seems to be more A la carte now, upselling things that were included in the old web builder. There sites are NOT responsive as they claim. If I do it again (and I am) I would get a wamp server and build my site locally on my system with WordPress. That way the content is yours and you can move hosting without loosing it.
  3. For a door that was just pet damaged, but latched closed, locked, was not a hollow core at a entry location and sealed out the elements. I would write something like this... "Door appeared functional with cosmetic damage" The buyer probably already saw the pet damage. I would still include it so the client could see the detail of my inspection and feel comfortable I wasn't leaving anything out.
  4. I did my own. Drawing on my experience. If you can, get a good webmaster, you will waste allot less of your time and have a better result. If you just have to do it yourself, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GoDaddy web builder I hear Weebly is easy, but I haven't tried it. Wordpress is good but you have to build it live or install a WAMP server to build locally.
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