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  1. Hi Chad. Are you talking about both holes? The one picture by itself is a second hole. I thought that one might have looked like a sump pit, but the other pictures that show the larger hole seems a bit deep and irregular shape. Do you think it could have been a sump pit and fallen apart over time? Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the help, advice and suggestions. I have some phone calls to make asap. I'll be sure to update the post as I get more information on the situation and if I have any more questions.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll be checking back probably every hour to see if one of those in my area has posted. Kurt, who is Kibbel? I tried doing a search but nothing that stands out as a company in my area who would deal with this kind of problem.
  4. Thanks Marc. That's what I was thinking. Do you know who I would call for something like this? I assume I would need it checked out before I have it filled.
  5. Hello again everyone. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post. So I went down into the crawl space today to get some pictures. Unfortunately, I found something that I think might be a much bigger deal than high humidity and this time I have absolutely no idea what to do. As I was crawling through the space, at one point I ended up putting my hand down in a spot and nearly fell into a "hole" that you will see below. the vapor barrier covering it looked like it was two pieces overlapping each other and weren't even sealed as far as I can tell. I don't think I ripped it when I hand went into
  6. Firstly I want to thank everyone for their help, suggestions and advice. I really and truly appreciate it! Here is the link to the house info on zillow with some pictures of the house as well. Because of the way the land slopes towards the street, I don't think there is any issues in the front or driveway side of the house. I could be wrong of course The house was built in 1953. The original house is all stone, the additions have siding. As for the foundation, when I'm in the crawl space it looks like large cinder blocks maybe? I'm not really sure, but the picture I am going to take s
  7. We already have two radon systems installed. The house had one already and when we had the home inspection done it was still a bit high, so they sellers had a radon company come out and they added another system on an addition that is on a concrete slab. After that the tests came back way below the accepted level. I actually just ordered two more tests early this week because we wanted to triple check after being in the house for 6-9 months. Planning on having a landscape architect take a look at the grading. My mom has used him a few times at her house. She apparently had some water in h
  8. Thanks for the reply Marc. The downspouts are done very well, taking all water away from the house. I do think there is a grading problem, as well as a cobblestone patio and concrete walkway in the back that have sunken a bit and are angled towards the house. I also think that there might not be enough vents. I have no clue how many there should be. The house is approximately 1900 sqft and the crawl space covers almost all of the house except for an additional room that was added later I assume. There are a total of 4 vents. I am probably not going to be able to do everything at once
  9. So sorry. I will get some pictures as soon as possible, probably Friday or Saturday and will post them.
  10. Hello everyone. Firstly, let me apologize, because this post might be a bit long. I am starting to go crazy trying to figure out what is right and wrong when dealing with high humidity in a crawl space. I live just outside the Philadelphia, PA area and just purchased my first home in the end of Sept. 2015. Shortly after moving in I installed a couple of wireless thermometer/hygrometers in the crawlspace so I could see what the temp and humidity was during the different seasons. The crawl space is vented btw. During the winter the humidity was very low for most of the time, but would jump
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