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  1. Murray G

    Yet another furnace age question, Old Airco

    Thank you Marc!
  2. Murray G

    Yet another furnace age question, Old Airco

    I have a question about a WBS2-90 furnace apparently installed new in a condo completed in 1990. During the installation a custom sheet metal flue was constructed from the top of the furnace via a 180 degree turn to the floor where fresh enters through from more custom sheet metal in the crawl space to intake grills in the house. Whatever filter arrangement there was in the original furnace design is provided now in a single 18" x 12" x 1" slot at the top of the custom sheet metal flue just as it turns 180 degrees into the furnace intake. I have not been able to find filters to fit the slot. I am using a 12' x 16" filter now but there a lot of leakage around the filter. Suggestions please?