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  1. Ok Thanks for the replies im going to look at it next week if i like what i see i’m going to put an offer in and wont have anything set in stone until i have the inspection done
  2. LOL yea ill let you guys know about it if i can view it this week or next as i work alot in a tire factory and ill take pics of the crawl space ifthey have a key
  3. Just looking to buy something cash as i dont wanna have to deal with a bank. Im messaging the realtor tomorrow to see if i can view it and if he has a key for that crawl space kind of odd to have a lock on it.
  4. Im looking at this house that is bank owned and built in 1999 It looks like a really nice house other that the soil around the house is really soft almost like walking on a water bed lol i just want some opinions on if its worth even getting an inspection done on it! Im a first time home buyer and will be buying this with cash i have saved up. Ive attached some pic of the house and the garage foundation. Photos of the broken window and after are of the garage and last photo os of the side of house. Thanks
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