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Need opinion on home im looking at.

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Im looking at this house that is bank owned and built in 1999 It looks like a really nice house other that the soil around the house is really soft almost like walking on a water bed lol i just want some opinions on if its worth even getting an inspection done on it! Im a first time home buyer and will be buying this with cash i have saved up. Ive attached some pic of the house and the garage foundation. Photos of the broken window and after are of the garage and last photo os of the side of house. Thanks





































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I see some grading and drainage issues (downspouts, sump pump). Based on the age you are probably looking at replacing the furnace, AC, and roof soon. Could be looking at new windows in the near future also. Expect a wet crawl space and check carefully for rotted floor joists, beams, etc. Looks like a lot of neglect. In short, if the price is not well below the market, it may not be a deal. 

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If you're handy and willing to work hard, you can do very well with a house like this. Buy low, invest a lot of sweat, and sell high. 

Where in Southern IL? My wife has family in Douglas County and I have personally attended the world-renowned Arcola Broom Corn Festival. 

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Looking at the pics there doesn't appear to be anywhere for water to drain away from the building.  Crawl likely stays wet, which might mean lots of rot in the floor frame.  If you cannot crawl that whole space probing the framing you might be getting a lemon.  Jump up and down on the centers of rooms inside to check for floor stiffness. 

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What all above said.  The key is just a standard HUD padlock key.  The crawl has to be secured by the preservation company/Safeguard. 

The soil looks soft like rodent trails or moles.  The shed definitly has animal activity.  Most components are at life expectancy.  the price is average for our mid-michigan market repos.

Without fail, get it inspected by a professional.


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Right, location is everything. At least this place is not on the bank of the Missouri, but is there a creek or stream bed nearby? Then you look at your elevation above the flood plain, and find out what the historical flood regions are.

If you have slope between your place and the nearest bodies of water, then you can install drainage to keep your foundations dry. Cover bare dirt with poly, as that will make a world of difference.

Termite inspection is mandatory.

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You need to hire an inspector, especially if it's a foreclosure property. Taking a few photos of obvious issues and posting them online is not going to be much help. The potential big issues are usually ones that average buyers don't see or understand.  It's very important to inspect attic and crawlspace areas, mold/fungi growth is commonly found in homes that have been vacant for a long time. 

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Include that you want a termite inspection. A home inspector might include that, but if he doen't inspect for termites, you want that as well.

If the property has a septic tank, that needs to be pumped, and the system inspected as well as possible.

If the property has a well, not likely in that location, but if so, you want water testing for basic chloroforms at least.

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