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  1. JohnyWaltter

    Aluminum Wire

    Hi everyone,My house has aluminum wiring and I am currently insured with TD. I am hoping to look around for a lower premium but I know that a lot of insurers do not insure houses with aluminum wiring.. does anyone know who does/does not insure aluminum wiring?Thank you!
  2. JohnyWaltter

    Battery Backup opnions

    Not sure what your budget looks like, but you need to consider a "full room" UPS. Typically, they will have multiple circuit inputs, for redundancy, and then you run your power around the room, like normal. The down side would be typical. (Often a rack unto themselves) I would definitely plan for 40% over current and / or expansion. If full-room is not in the cards, APC and generator Tripp-Lite both make some very fine UPSes.