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  1. Maybe multiple issues. The pipe is often leaking (See grungy areas) so I think it is possible that is why smell from sewer gas is strongest under sink-i would think they would leak out first available spot. . The plumber said to check with a flashlight for water in trap after flushing nearby tools I could not see water in trap. this is terrible. I have to sleep here in this room!
  2. Not something dead under cabinet. Had persisted at least 8 months. I took the pic to a plumbing place today and plumber confirmed that pucture shows unvented p trap...probably replaced original s trap during remodel and did not bother to vent. I looked with flashlight and can see p trap is dry after running other water in house. Sewer gas.
  3. I am renting this cottage and i have been told a plumber is coming next week. However this plumber may have installed this trap and he came to fix a leak last month and did not address this. I have been told that i should close all the windows and turn on a humidifier to solve issue of smell. I was also brought an array if air fresheners. I appreciate your taking time to comment but I am trying to educate myself about possible issue so that I can advocate for myself more effectively and deal with plumber and landlord.
  4. Putrid Smell in base cabinets, like very bad garbage and must. Kitchen updated within 8 years. Structure is mid-century. Bathroom is about 8 feet away. Studio, so people sleep in the room. Smell an issue since I have moved in, eliminated other issues as possibilities over time. Smell in kitchen is worst after using shower. There was a leak in drain about a month ago, but smell existed prior. Thanks in advance for all help!
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