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  1. yes, looks like 2014 to me and is still as relevant as it was back then. I found it during an internet search and found it interesting. Interesting that Housedoc's one and only post was incorrect but no one called him out on it and interesting how the OP was essentially lambasted for sticking to his guns when he was correct. I find this funny how people pride themselves on how good an inspector they are until they get in over their head with a subject then push back at the expert who knows more.
  2. The thing is that the OP is absolutely correct with all of the info he is sharing and his opinion. As an inspector I am fully aware of these type situations and how they are blown off by electrical contractors and ignored by inspectors due to lack of knowledge or just plain laziness.
  3. I got rid of an old email that apparently I used to register with this forum yearssssssss ago. I had no way to get my password reset so I just started another account. Not sure if you could merge the two together. Let me know and I'll share my other account info . Thanks
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