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  1. Completing such a calculation has nothing to do with this thread. Marc It has every thing to do with it. As that is what is to be calculated so that you know what the load of the home is. So if the generator can handle the load that work sheet comes out to then you meet the full load requirement and don't need load shedding. However if the gen set can not put that figure out it should have load shedding installed. Sam
  2. I am not worked up... This is just something i would like as many people to understand as possible. And given that many of you would come across this it would be a good chance for you to point it out.. but you have to take what you are looking at for face value.. If you apply other logic like "well it was not installed to run every thing" or "its only important if the city is looking for it" does not null the fact that the unit can still get overloaded. The fact when a generator is installed as a whole house system that is what it supposed to do. If it is installed with a sub pan
  3. Marc, Look at this load calculation and tell me a 20kw generator will run this house if it looses power in the middle of winter. www.piertopier.us/hvac/general_load_cal.pdf Sam
  4. This is how 99% of ATS get wired. this is cut from the generac manual. At this point you are switching every load in the house! Click to Enlarge 90.62 KB Sam
  5. I just don't know how else to put this, That is why I posted in bold! There is no such thing as an emergency load only when you are transferring all circuits. I meant its right there in black and white.. If a automatic switch is installed the generator must be able to run every thing that is connected to it or have load management installed. It seams the only other people that understand this issue are people on the electrical boards and a hand full of city inspectors.. Here is what i will do let me do a load calculation sheet and show you why you can not run a all electric house
  6. How about this. This pdf came from the Baton Rouge Zoning and Planing Dept. It directly sites the code Article from the 2008 NEC. Download Attachment: GeneratorPermitReq.pdf 35.62 KB
  7. The NEC only sees it two ways ARTICLE 701 Legally Required Standby Systems and ARTICLE 702 Optional Standby Systems It is not required by law as this is not a large public building, hospital, nursing home, or other critical care provider! So we know that Article 701 does not apply! So now we know that the property owner chose to install this and it is a WHOLE HOUSE APPLICATION it has a 200A Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switch and the generator puts out 20kw that is 83A of current. The documentation from the installer states Stand-By Generator. The permit states Stand-By Generato
  8. I wish it was a bribe here, our inspectors work for the parish or for the city. They refuse to inspect for proper generator installation hell some of them just don't inspect they just sign and go! If a generator is grounded its good is how they roll! In St Mary parish we have brand new homes getting built with no AFCI, Smoke detectors, and no outdoor outlets. I can show you HVAC systems with 90%+ furnaces that have no fresh air ducted into the closet. Bathrooms with no fart fans, Kitchens with no GFCI. The list just goes on and on it just relay does, Its like the builders are still in th
  9. That compressor is a scroll, If you had looked at the first letter of the model number on the compressor it would have been a "Z" Look at you photo of the outdoor unit information tag, Do you see where it says metering device? That is telling you it has a TXV on the indoor coil and and a #61 piston on the outdoor coil Click to Enlarge 8.44 KB Click to Enlarge 8.32 KB Sam
  10. Just in case you need it! Mod; removed link, and locked this post as I don't think we can publish the document without consent. If I've got this wrong, someone tell me and I'll unlock it.
  11. Thanks ...................................................................... If it has a whole house transfer switch then it must service the load of the whole house! A whole house ATS comes in 200A or 100A configurations. If it has a E-Panel transfer switch it must be able to run what ever is in that E-Panel. The E-panel ATS comes with A 100A internal switchgear. If it has a 200A indoor GenReady Panel, Then the Generator must carry what ever loads are connected to the E-Panel portion of the GenReady Panel. If none of the requirements are met it is not installed to code, The
  12. Most things are R-410A now as R-22 was sent out the door a few years ago and R-134 will be replace by YF-1234 soon. R-410A has a better co-efficient for heat pumps, Some are reporting it does not due to good in desert temps when used for comfort cooling. Also scroll compressors are the norm now due to EER ratings. Other than that it is still a cooling medium going through its life cycle. The next big change we will see is Hydrocarbon and CO2 refrigerants, They are using R-600, R-600A and R-290 "N-Butane, Iso-Butane, and Propane" along with R-744 "CO2" in Europe. They have
  13. NEC ARTICLE 702.5 Optional Standby Systems (2) Automatic Transfer Equipment. Where automatic transfer equipment is used, an optional standby system shall comply with (2)(a) or (2)(b). (a)Full Load. The standby source shall be capable of supplying the full load that is transferred by the automatic transfer equipment. (b) Load Management. Where a system is employed that will automatically manage the connected load, the standby source shall have a capacity sufficient to supply the maximum load that will be connected by the load management system So What this says in plain English
  14. Click to Enlarge 73.65?KB Scroll on the left and recip on the right. In short the scroll will be tall and skinny and the recip will be short and fat! You can also stop by just about any HVAC store that sells compressors and ask them for a book. You can look up the model number on top the compressor and it will tell you what it is. Copeland Scroll refrigeration compressors (such as ZRxxKA-PFV) are designated by a "Z" in the first position of the model number. Copeland Reciprocating compressors (such as CRxxKA-PFV) are designated by a "C" in the first position of the model number
  15. First of all I see no P-Trap. If this unit has negative air flow at the evaporator it must have a P-Trap to keep the sewage gas from getting sucked into the air handler. If the unit is of the Trane/American Standard make TAM7 or TAM5 then it is a positive pressure unit and does not need a P-Trap as its always pushing air down the drain. Either way it needs what is called an AirGap where it ties into the sewage line and depending on what version of the IMC your state uses you may not be able to pipe it to the vent line like that you will need to run the 3/4 line down to a drain level wh
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