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  1. Marc, I live in Upstate NY where AFCI is required. I have a newer fridge (circa 2014), it's an LG, and trips anywhere from every 12seconds to every 3 days, very similar to the user who had a Samsung above. I've now had several local electricians tell me to swap out the outlet for a one plug traditional outlet, so as to dedicate this outlet for the fridge safeguarding other appliances from being used here. What are your thoughts on this? I have heard that AFCI's are more sensitive than GFCI's, would a GFCI be a better option than nothing? Would an AFCI or GFCI breaker in the panel be better than having outlet control (my thought here is that the added resistance of the increased wire length may prevent these nuisance trips due to false arc readings from the compressor or LED panel). Thanks in advance for your opinions!
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