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  1. I have a 180 ft sloping down towards the road driveway. On the LH side of the driveway is a retaining wall that runs about 90% of the length. This wall is about 2 ft from the edge of the asphalt and over time this area has formed into a mossy/rocky/small stream of running water from two sources of water not counting rain. 1) At the start of the driveway on the LH side there a downspout from the gutters that contributes to the running water. 2) Then on the LH side there is also a PVC pipe exits from the garage which is draining either the basement drain grate (water softener system) or it's natural water from under the house . Either way that drain pipe is very active in the spring and water continuously exits it causing water to run down down the off to the side of the driveway My question: if I connect the downspout to solid 4" pipe, and I then use a catch basin under the drain PVC pipe, what should the pipe be after that- solid or perforated? I want to carry away the downspout and drain water. How do I handle the contribution from the rain? If its perforated pipe than it will collect the rain water too?
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