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  1. Came across this nifty item out on inspection this last week. The house was new construction in Oro Valley a suburb of Tucson. Turns out these whole home mixing valves are finding their way in new home builds in some townships. I was curious on its function and wanted to share my findings. The mixing valve has 3 distinct benefits: 1. Allows for higher temperatures in the hot water tank, thus extending available hot water. 2. Prevents bacteria growth ( Legionella ) when the hot water tank is set to 140 to 180 degree F. 3. Less fear of scalding water at the shower, tub, and si
  2. Bobby Jim I would recommend looking at the installation and spec sheet on this type of product from a manufacture as noted below in the attached links. It appears from this source below a synthetic shake has a 50 year +/- life span. Installation is always a great place to start..... https://www.bravarooftile.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Brava-Cedar-Shake-Installation-Manual.pdf https://www.bravarooftile.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Brava-Cedar-Shake-Spec-Sheet.pdf
  3. Here is a web-site that lists the recommended guidelines for home inspectors regarding health and safety precautions that should be shared with your Clients before a home inspection.Feel free to share with others.
  4. I recommend starting with the model number and the following link to the manufacture: https://www.heatnglo.com/owner-resources/troubleshooting-and-faqs. The site also have instruction manuals, installation guides, and parts lists specific to you model.
  5. 8" Samsung tablet. Using HomeGauge companion. No crashes using android.
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