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  1. I have an Airco AH-130 in the house I as of late purchased in Edmonton, AB. The heater tech I had do the assessment says the warmth exchanger is rusting(though no clear openings) and we ought to supplant the heater. Presently it is old, and presumably goes back to development in 1975. In any case, actually I'd want to keep this thing, as I don't believe the new high productivity models to last more that 10 years, and with issues at that. I've approached a few spots for a statement to supplant the warmth exchanger, and am informed that parts aren't accessible. What I'm thinking about is whether
  2. Endorsed flex couplings utilized underground satisfy a particular ASTM guideline to withstand earth loads/shear. The just one I know about is protected (a tempered steel band) and has formed in bushings.
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