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  1. That roof is brittle to the core, time to replace with some nice architectural shingles.
  2. If it shows in a patter, more indicative of chatter stress break. Most tiles have locking channels, so if installed incorrectly they wouldn’t sit right and alignment would be screwed up. expansion and contraction is based on 20 degree temp differential, so in Florida the rate is .00065 of an inch which is negligible. It could be a defect but they are random not patterned. you look in those areas for uplift, upper corner cracks and irregular breaks. If It was as patterned as you say, I’m sure those things were present. I know many try to ignore uplift but it is a reality. The older the roo
  3. When assessing tile damage, we need to look at big picture. Wind event, what were wind speeds in area? how close to eye? what direction did win move? when seeing patterned lower corner breaks, more indicative of chatter. Upper corner cracks will occur on fastened roofs and lower cracks. You have to look at big picture.
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