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  1. The __________ does not appear to conform with generally acceptable building practice. I advise that you ______________ Bob Mulloy
  2. State the problem objectively Explain it to the reader Give your client direction Observation: The garage overhead door springs lack safety containment wires. Analysis: Be advised that this is a safety hazard, for as the springs are subjected to repetitive expansion and contraction, they may break and fly apart and cause personal injury. Repair is needed. Recommendation: I advise that you hire an overhead door contractor to install safety containment wires NOW for safety. Bob Mulloy MA Home Inspector Trainee Instructor
  3. Hi Everyone, I want to thank all who responded to my request. FYI, perhaps I did not clarify my objective. I plan to create a PowerPoint presentation on "Inspecting A Foreclosed Home" for the continuing education requirements of home inspectors, not realtors. So far, your many suggestions for content are great! "The best teacher for a home inspector is another home inspector!" Bob Mulloy rmulloy@verizon.net www.allsafehomeinspection.com ASHI-NE Chapter Education Committee Chairman
  4. Here you go: Observation: Probing revealed that the concrete footings beneath the deck posts are shallow in depth. Analysis: In my opinion, shallow footings do not conform with generally acceptable building practice as the footings should be below the frost level to prevent uplift and lateral movement. Repair is needed. Recommendation: I advise that you ask a licensed and insured contractor to provide a repair cost estimate NOW, in order to determine the impact on your budget. Bob Mulloy rmulloy@verizon.net www.allsafehomeinspection.com
  5. Hi All, I have been asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on "Inspecting Foreclosed or Bank Owned Homes," and I must admit that this is a rather difficult task. I am looking for suggestions regarding content, outline, etc. Aside from the obvious regarding reporting on systems that are in a shut-down condition, disclaimers and horror stories, can anyone suggest any other content that I might include? Regards, Bob Mulloy, Chairman ASHI-NE Chapter Education Committee rmulloy@verizon.net www.allsafehomeinspection.com
  6. Hi Jim, Nice to know you are not all sunburned! Yes, everyone, this lead piping at the gas meter was a first for me and apparently for most of you. We do learn new things each day as home inspectors, and only "dumb ass" home inspectors are afraid to admit when they don't know something. I posted this concern about the lead gas piping on this forum and also to several other "old timers" for their opinion. One good friend said that "yes, he has seen this before. He called the gas company, who said it was OK and then 15-minutes later they arrived to change it." That should tell you something! Lead gas piping has NOT been an approved material for decades as it has little resistance to mechanical damage and the fittings from lead to steel are suspect for failure. The bottom line is that I advised my Client to contact the gas company and to request an on-site inspection of the old meter installation. Furthermore, I advised that the old installation be retired and that the meter be relocated outside. Like knob & tube wiring, it may once have been approved but I would not want it in my house! I thank you all for your input, and remember this statement from an old guy, "the best teacher for a home inspector is another home inspector!" Be well my friends, Bob Mulloy
  7. Hi All, I would appreciate some feedback. This 1903 New England colonial has LEAD gas piping attached to the meter. Never seen it done before, seems hazardous to me as lead is very soft. Opinions? Image Insert: 57.74 KB
  8. Home inspectors should NOT use the word "grandfathered," for its use may land you in hot water. Remember this phrase, "Grandfather is DEAD!" Only the local municipal inspector has authority to make such a determination. Simply report what you see, compare and contrast what you see with newer construction practices with emphasis on safety. educate the client and let him or her decide if upgrading is of concern. Bob Mulloy www.allsafehomeinspection.com
  9. Mel Chalfen, AS already posted, Mel Chalfen has passed away. Mel was ASHI, his membership number was #79 - that should tell you something. He helped found ASHI and our ASHI-NE Chapter. Mel was a true professional and the most ethical home inspector I have ever known. I am very proud to have been his student and a very good personal friend. Mel forgot more about our business than I will ever learn. Mel was Chairman of our ASHI-NE Chapter Education Committee for more than 14 years, a position that I now hold, and I have a very big pair of shoes to fill. On my wall is a plaque called the Mel Chalfen Award, given to me in 2004 for my contributions to the Chapter. The award is issued each year and now it holds a very dear meaning for me, and stimulates fond memories of education seminars both organized and taught by Mel. Mel has passed us the torch and we need to carry on in his memory. Good bye my friend. Bob Mulloy
  10. Message from client, any advice? "All three toilets on first and second floor have gurgling noises when you flush, and I would guess that there is not a large enough air vent pipe supply. Any suggestions for what might be done to remedy that? They flush fine, but the air gurgling noises they make at the beginning of the flush sound like they may not flush.. but then they catch enough air and away they go... Not a big deal, just checking to see if you have any suggestions."
  11. Maybe so. But not in the example below.id="blue"> That's unclear, and contains a syntax glitch. "The whatzit is damaged which?" I think a quick edit would've picked that up... This time, four short sentences would be better: The whatzit is damaged. (Add sentence of description here.) This can cause problems with... Fix the whatzit." Simply put, a short sentence or two (or three) is much more effective than a long sentence that's booby-trapped with misplaced words. I think HIs who are working on their reporting chops would get the best results by taking unnecessary words out. It's like picking up the sticks before you start pushing the lawn mower. WJid="blue"> The OAR approach to narrative report writing: Observation: Paint a picture describing what you see with unbiased words, like a photograph. Analysis: Report your opinion regarding your observation based on your knowledge and training. [^]Recommendation: Give your client direction. Bob Mulloy www.allsafehomeinspection.com
  12. I am teaching an approved MA seminar on the electrical system at Cape Cod Community College on March 15, 2006. (6 CEU's) Contact Kathleen Girelli @ 508-362-2131X4435 for details. Also, ASHI NE Chapter is hosting a seminar on the electrical system on May 25th. (6 CEU's) Speaker Joe Tedesco. The seminar will be posted on the Chapter web site later next month. (www.ashinewengland.org) Bob Mulloy, ASHI NE Chapter Education Chairman 508-378-7170 rmulloy@verizon.net
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