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  1. My friend took asbestos ceiling sample in his room in condo where I live, tried to use water but since painted it didnt took much water and was scraping for 20 min because it was hard kind of like a paint and he didnt see any white dust coming while doing it. He used only dust (covid) mask. How much danger he put himself into? Is there lot of asbest fibers in the room now from one sample? Is it safe to go to that room? (it has bed, closets, carpet, chairs where it could land...) What could I do to make sure the room is asbestos free as much as possible? Also there is now open ceiling wher
  2. Thank you for all the replies. What would you suggest to do after I took the samples and there is now small hole. Should I pain it? Whats the safest way to pain it? Do I still have to wear the proper equipment? What kind of colors would be good to encapsulate the hole? Also after taking the sample, although I was tryng to wet it as much as possible it was hard to wet it because there was paint on it, so took 20 min to scrape small sample,so is the air in that room very dangerous, since I did it by myself? Do you think a lot of asbestos was released by the sample? Not sure if i should be concer
  3. Sorry what do you guys mean its not popcorn ceiling. From all the photos I seen on internet it looks totally like popcorn ceiling. Its definitely not smooth, so I am confused. Is there a chance in this type of ceiling there was not asbestos in that age? Would you reccomend to take a sample by myself or is that too risky. Thanks.
  4. So if it would be behind few layers of paint then it would not get exposed at all even if i was scratching it with things? Can I be sure?
  5. Moved to condo from 1970 with popcorn ceiling inside the big closet. Since the year I believe almost all popcorn ceilings were asbestos. Renovation guy said the same thing that most likely it is so I am treating it as asbestos. Was throwing tons of stuff there, packed it there up to the ceiling to have more space and they were all touching and brushing the ceiling while i was putting it often in and out. What should I do now with the stuff? Its mostly clothes and other things. Do I need to throw them out? Can I even safely touch it? Will the asbestos be floating all over the shelf? Should I
  6. Thank you everyone for responses! The moisture is going to be taken care of, its just broken pipe what they going to fix. Now someone pointed that there might be asbestos and I am very worried since I want to clean it by myself. Is it possible there is asbestos glue under wood old parquets (condo is from 1970). Partially its yellow-brown and partialy black (where the mold was) glue left, its hard and dry, not sticky. Do I need to test it?
  7. Actually there are yellow light parts (non moldy parquets removed) and black parts (moldy parquets removed) of glue on that floor. So wondering if the left glue affected by mold can still create mold spores and mold exposure. And if it really safe to leave it like that. To me if its still black it must be mold? Thats what i am wondering.
  8. After moldy parquet removal because of water leak the glue was scraped with scraper but still lots of black left. Restoration company did that and they are saying its no mold and can be left like that. You can see there are yellow glue parts and black yellow glue parts where were the moldy parquet removed. Is that really no mold even if its black? Is it dangerous? Should I somehow try to remove it? Thanks!
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