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How to cover asbestos sample hole? How dangerous it is?


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My friend took asbestos ceiling sample in his room in condo where I live, tried to use water but since painted it didnt took much water and was scraping for 20 min because it was hard kind of like a paint and he didnt see any white dust coming while doing it. He used only dust (covid) mask. How much danger he put himself into? Is there lot of asbest fibers in the room now from one sample? Is it safe to go to that room? (it has bed, closets, carpet, chairs where it could land...) What could I do to make sure the room is asbestos free as much as possible?

Also there is now open ceiling where he took the sample. How to properly cover it with paint? Does he need a proper mask and special clothes while just painting the hole? 

Any advice appreciated!

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You've got to be a millennial. 

Asbestos fibers are not good to breathe. But at the level that you're talking about there is essentially no risk. Just live your life until you get the test results back. If there's asbestos in the sample, just use a regular old paint brush to put regular old paint over the scraped area. 

Your phone is a far greater threat to your health than the ceiling is. 


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