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  1. Thanks, That's what I thought, but just wanted to clarify my thoughts.[^] Other people have said what a great tool these forums are, and I just want to say that the help that is freely given here is priceless.[:-party] wildwillie
  2. Help me here, I did an inspection today on a 21 year old house, the furnace and water heater are in a closet in the garage. The combustion air for both units comes from a big hole in the ceiling of the closet about 18" by 24". From my research I believe that this still needs an air tube to move air down for fresh combustion or a vent cut in one of the doors. Am I right, wrong. BTW I have learned so much watching the postings on these forums and I have learned how much I still need to learn Thanks Guys wildwillie
  3. After what Scott said I found the fresh air intake has been sealed shut, Why I do not know. I did try an experiment this weekend the fireplace has a huge ash cleanout under the firebox, I propped the cleanout door slightly open and opened the cleanout in the floor of the firebox, that helped immensely, the doors did not get nearly as much cresote buildup as before. I will get in and clean out the fireplace and see why the intake air is sealed off. Also it still backdrafts when I open the doors to add wood. The height of the chimney is slightly above the roof line and barely 2' above the 10 foo
  4. Thanks Mark and Bill. Unless there is a flaming fire going in the fireplace it will backdraft when the doors are opened. Tha damper does not work but is wide open and I have looked for obstructions in the chimney but it appears to be in good condition. the doors have air control valves as part of the door, so I did not think the damper would be a problem. There is a handle to pull for outside air for combustion but I am not sure how it works, After the 5-8" of snow we are supposed to get this weekend I will let it cool off and clean it out and dive back in again and see what I can find. BTW th
  5. This is a personal question for all the fireplace guru's.[:-bigmout My house has a Country Flame fireplace with the metal doors and glass inserts. The problem I have is after a few hours of use the glass inserts in the doors get so black I can't see the flame through the glass, I know if the unit is working right the doors should not get the buildup on them. This is a really good fireplace with blowers and duct work for using with the central unit, it kept my house warm last weekend when we had the cold spell. I use several different types of wood and all seem to get the (I assume)cresote buil
  6. Do you have WORD if so go to file and click on new then templates and publications and brochure I have produced a couple using this format [:-party] willie
  7. Back to the original Question Letters to realtors gets a name out and most realtors do not refer based on a letter saying "I am a Home Inspector" I have been in business for about 2 years and at this time I am doing about as many inspections as I have time for (to give a quality inspection)I still contact realtors on a consistent basis I buy the foil wrapped cholocate coins and as I go through a realtors office if the agents are onthe phone I smile and lay some of my cards on their desk with 2 or three of the chocolates and go on if they are not busy I still lay my cards and chocolate coins on
  8. I may have misrepresented the fireplace it may not be a true insert but a fireplace liner and I was able to see around the damper and see the brickwork. And no I did not take it apart; the house had enough concerns being an early 70's house that I had plenty of other areas to look at. Thanks again for the reminder of having the fireplace, chimney inspected by a Certified Sweeep Thanks again willie
  9. I inspected a home with a metal fireplace insert and masonery chimney. The damper was stuck open and did not move. The question I have is looking up through the fireplace I could see about 18 inches of brickwork before the flue liner was inserted Should this have had some type of transition to the flue liner other than the brick.[:-party] thanks Willie
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