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  1. Thanks Mike! ----------------------------------------------------- Verbatim as posted by Mr. Gerry Quackenbush Director of OAHI and Director of Public Relations OAHI. “There have been some questions lately regarding OAHI being involved in a legal issue with the Kingston Regional Meeting Group. The OAHI could not previously comment while a decision was pending. Attached are the pertinent documents which disclose the outcome of the case.â€
  2. I can also post the reply to Mr. Allen from OAHI if thats permissible? After all its only fair that the both sides are presented so that the Canadian readers can come to their own conclusions. Thank you.
  3. Its time the OAHI Members know; the truth vs a response from Mr Quackerbush. It is now clear that we have OAHI's attention and its time the public forums heard the truth, not the spin or half truths handed out by OAHI. Let us begin with the unpaid amounts, this is accurate. If you check any modern hotel with meeting rooms you will find that such rooms rent for 4-600.00 for a meeting and a coffee serving for 30-40 people is generally in the 1-200.00 range. I suggest Mr Quackerbush check the OAHI records for the standard rates at the Ambassador as you held your Annual Meeting/Winter workshop there a couple of years ago. Actually in Mr Lloyds defence it shows where you lads spent 1423.23 for ONE room in Orillia for 50 people, damn I got a room and coffee for less than half of that!! If as is stated Mr Lloyd prepared these documents I have on file, I commend Tom for his vast legal clerk knowledge. Preparing a defence broken down in various exhibits, witness lists, exhibit listings. I will admit I am impressed. Mr Lloyd must have extensive experience in preparing court documents, maybe they should have used Tom instead of wasting the 2500.00 on Mr Segal's office. Excuse me I forgot, the OAHI board ran Past Pres Tom out of OAHI and he is no longer in the business. To bad, he was a Pres who saw the National Program as the future for Canada, guess that explains why he was rail-roaded out! Now we will discuss the second defence that OAHI has quietly ignored, they got their judgement not on the defence of Pres Lloyd, rather on a legal technicality that says Kingston cannot sue OAHI because and I quote from motion " lacks the capacity to commence an action" further because "CAHPI Kingston is a division of OAHI" The real defence was never heard, main reason.....simple.... Past Pres Tom was not there to defend OAHI because Past Pres Tom was "rail-roaded out" and like many of us wants nothing to do with the current administration. The next point has already been openly clarified, NACHI Leader NIck Gromicko has flatly stated on his web site that the statement from Mr Quackerbush is straight out untrue, I never billed NACHI. Further if you go to nachi.org/forum/f48/kingston-cahpi-ontario-training-session-22253/. This is the actual message placed upon the NACHI board, see any mention of NACHI meeting there Mr Quackerbush. Now your next statement and Mr Bill Mullen has already answered that, at no point did I ever bill or try to bill CAHPI, another untruthful statement Sir, is your collar a bit tight now. Now we will address the recent court date, I did not attend because I was not aware of the date.... simple. I might add another point, Mr Segal's office tried to ram this motion thru a week before the trial date I was not aware of and the courts in Kingston adjourned it and your Mr Segal was fully aware this would happen BEFORE he sent his lad to Kingston. If anyone would like to see the actual letter I have from his office advising me of this, send me a note and I will fax you the document. Yesterday Mr Quackerbush, I filed notice of motion and sworn affidavit requesting this judgement be set aside, open your mail Mr Quackerbush. You will be in Kingston on February 9th to face me at that time. If you decide to spent yet more of the members money for another legal angle I will recommend the two hotels file separate action for collection and I will gladly attend as their witness. Lastly, you must think all OAHI members are mushrooms, feed them **** and keep them in the dark. Anyone with any knowledge of legal costs knows that the price of having a Bay St Lawyer drive from TO to Kingston on two separate occasions, about 12 hours driving time in total, prepare a notice of motion that includes multiple examples of his defence including three sworn affidavit's in a thick ring binder ....can be bought for 2500.00....... there is an odour her Mr Quackerbush..........how do your rubber boots fit now Sir........OH....I missed the part on Segals letter about "in the amount of 2500.00 for fees, as agreed..PLUS disbursements.........how much were these charges Sir. Finally Mr Quackerbush, back to the same old....same old........where are the quarterly financial statements that are required by the OAHI regulations, seems I can't find the past six months and with a membership fee of nearly 600.00 it would be nice to see where the $$$ have gone. Have a Nice Day.........see ya on the 9th of Feb. Cam Allen
  4. Wayne, My condolences, my mother passed away last week at the age of 96. As to your reply, rather interesting considering your earlier statements that a statement would be posted. I strongly suggest you and your board get your act together and ensure the veracity of statements issued by the board under the Gerry Quackenbush moniker. Raymond Wand RHI
  5. Well Mr. Christopher contrary to your word, we have yet to have our socks knocked off. As a matter of fact I am still wearing mine. Interestingly enough Mr. Quackenbush has made public statements on other discussion boards which under closer scrutiny are not accurate and people who should know have verified the inaccuracies. Raymond Wand RHI
  6. I am surprised that there has been no abestos cement used on the doors to seal them shut permanently. That what I see with the remaining ones in my area.
  7. Thanks Wayne it should prove interesting, I know many of us are anxious to hear and weigh both sides of the story. FYI, Mr. Allen also has his statement posted at the link below. Unfortunately you or one of the BOD members will have to sign on to post your reply. I welcome you or the boards reply. http://oahi.activeboard.com/ Cheers, Raymond Wand RHI
  8. Jim Why the caustic attitude? For your information my name is correct in my profile. Your comment as to my credibility is unwarranted, and it appears you are trying to start something. I have just as much right to post here as you do and to protect myself from outright lies!
  9. As you can see by this post and the recent articles in the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen things are not all that well within Ontario and its oldest home inspection association. I invite Mr. Wayne Christopher current VP and Discipline Chair of OAHI to come and comment on this statement by Cam Allen who is a member in good standing and Registered Home Inspector with OAHI. Raymond Wand RHI
  10. Mike I am having difficulty locating the Organizations Section you refer to. Can you provide a link? I would be happy to move my last post from here to there. Who is Richard? Thank you.
  11. Wayne Interesting comments coming from you considering the evidence you state contradicts what you wish others to believe. Remember Wayne you are the person who had to seek outside legal advice in regards to me, only to be advised by two outside legal firms you and OAHI had no pot to pee in nor a window to throw it out of. If you wish I can post documented evidence as to your false statements. As to my removal from the DPPC committee I can also categorically state that I was removed for exposing the conflicts of interest which existed when the BOD was found to be having its meetings in the board room of a major franchisor. As to my recent appeal the Appeal Panel found that your role as DPPC chair you made statements which where found to be completely based on malice, reckless indifference, and wilful blindness to the lack of statutory authority granted to you and your committee under the bylaws and PR 158. One must wonder whether your comments were known with the full knowledge of your committee or done on the QT solely by you because you have a big axe to grind. My suggestion is not to let your role as VP and Chair of the DPPC go to your head. You might also like to explain to the readers why OAHI is refusing to refund my appeal fee as required in the bylaws. Wayne lets deal in facts and if you wish I can document and support my retorts, can you support yours?
  12. That's a rather interesting comment considering that freedom of association and freedom of speech is a right. Just because you don't like the message or the person does not preclude them from stating an opinion echoed by many others. This repetitive mantra that if one does not like something then they should not be a member is typical by those that don't want to evoke change and are insecure about their own rules of maintaining the status quo. Resolved the issues? Healthy recovery? Why are you in denial? The fact is OAHI has once again had to seek a special assessment from the members to make up for a deficit. A 54% increase in membership fees for 2009 can hardly be described as a healthy recovery, and further that many of issues sought at the AGM went unresolved particularly the financial concerns, and the lack of quarterly financial reports of which have not been issued in a timely manner or not at all. I also think you need to point out the huge rift within OAHI and CAHPI National Certificate program, so much so that many disgruntled members within OAHI found it necessary to pull out of OAHI and start PHPIO (Provincil Home Property Inspectors Ontario). The FAQ page on PHPIO site allude to the difficulty the National program is having with OAHI. ( http://www.phpio.ca/questions.php ) In addition certain individuals of OAHI have found it necessary to take legal action against OAHI as a result of OAHI not living up to its commitments to fund regional meeting groups. Again it would behoove you not to be selective in your response to the earlier posts, given the discourse within OAHI created by your colleagues on the BOD. Anyone in doubt about the status of OAHI need look no further than two recent articles published in the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post quoting the officers of PHPIO. http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/new ... 2228038978 http://www.nationalpost.com/life/homes/ ... id=1001625 As former chair of the DPPC it is disheartening to read you trumpeting your own horn given your on the record comments and breaches of confidentiality agreement on other forums discussing confidential matters, and making statements on the Association letterhead which paint you as anything but scrupulous. Sorry you feel that change is a bad thing and those who want to see change and speak out for it are painted with a broad brush. Raymond Wand RHI
  13. It appears association bashing is okay depending who the author is. If you don't like a topic don't read it and don't tell everyone else what to read and what to say, freedom of thought, expression and association. Or if you don't like the tone, content and thread drift move it to the Romper Room section err... I mean the Kool Aid stand. Oooops now that you asked for my opinion will I be chastised? Cheers,
  14. Hi Jim I remember you took a pretty good licking on the NACHI board and I would like to extend my apologies for partaking in lambasting you at the time. In hindsight many of us should have picked up on your postings at the time about NACHI. Anyway its nice to see the discourse here on NACHI for all to see and not be subjected to the myopic censoring views of NACHI members who have no use for this board. Cheers,
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