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  1. I just spoke with a friend that does a lot of stamped concrete about using water-based concrete sealer to seal the grout. Any pros or cons? Again, thanks for any replies.
  2. After retiring from home inspecting at the end of last year I have been sprucing up our home. My current project is restoring the grout color. When we built it in 1994 we used salmon colored grout for the Saltillo tile. It looked great for the first week. Since then I have resealed the grout numerous times. I am starting to believe that there is no sealer that will last and keep the grout from getting dirty looking. Anybody have a sure fire sealer to recommend? Thanks for any tips.
  3. According to Peerless the unit was made in 1967.
  4. Thanks for the correction and I was leaning to the left, something that I occasionally do.
  5. How old is a Peerless Furnace MM2 21554 with no model number. Thanks, Ed Click to Enlarge 49.04 KB
  6. I am helping a friend shingle a multi-pitch irregular 8-sided polygon gazebo. Is there any way to use asphalt shingles to cover the ridges that will look proper. I am thinking metal ridge is the only way. Thanks
  7. Thanks, Mike, unfortunately it is not available in Jamaica. I may be able to ship it in but the tariffs are extreme.
  8. I hope someone in this group can help me with my predicament: I just returned from Jamaica after cleaning our rain catchment cistern. When I brushed the walls it opened several hairline cracks that had been plugged with silt creating several seeps. I have heard that a lime-paste or a sand/cement paste may work. Drying and curing time comes into play as the tank can be empty for three days. Any suggestions other than coming to Jamaica and assisting in the project?
  9. John, I raised elk for many years. Now I am down to a few old cows and no stinkin' bulls. An elk bull in the rut puts any dairy bull (Holstein, Ayrshire etc.) to shame as far temperment and destructiveness.
  10. The furnace connected to this flue has about 60% of the combustion air that it requires. Would this cause the white stains on the shingles due to improper combustion? The stains are similar to ones typically found under swamp coolers that leak or have an improperly adjusted float. Click to Enlarge 45.68 KB
  11. Thanks for all the input. I think I am going for the Proknee kneepads.
  12. My surgeon says try doing crawlspaces, my PT says not to.I had my TKR six weeks ago. The knee joint feels great but the knee cap is much more sensitive than I thought it would be. Do the above mention kneepads distribute the pressure away from the knee cap?
  13. Thank you, Bruce. I will call them and discuss the proper option. Ed
  14. Anybody out there had a total knee replacement and continued doing crawlspaces, attics etc.? What type of knee pads work best? Or did you just hire someone to do those locations? Thanks, Ed
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