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  1. Sorry, Richard... Electrical is weak for me and I just wanted a little help understanding that portion. My apologies, I am certain to have more questions, but some day I want them to be much tougher questions... Ed Ochs
  2. Richard, I'll admit I've only been envolved in a small number of inspections and had just not see that config before, that's why I got on this forum for help...Surely you also started with no inspections and worked your way to 1...then 2...3,4,5...etc. I use this forum like anyone else because we are generalist and some on this forum maybe specialists... that's why we ask question to learn from each other. Are you "the old mean guy", No, but maybe you should think your position. Because this forum is for asking questions to help us ALL be better inspectors. Thanks for everyone's help, as I had not seen that before and now I've been taught Ed Ochs
  3. Each throw is 100a 2x100a=200a But as long as each isn't over 100a it's ok, right? Image Insert: 23.92 KB
  4. I wasn't actually sure how to word it. Each one is 100a connected together so because neither is over 100a its ok, Right?
  5. I have a 200a service in a 100a panel. I'm curious on how to write this up. It may seem obvious but I'm early in my inspection career....[:-wiltel] Do they make a 200a panel box? It was a Cutler-Hammer HC22B100C with a CH8CF cover Ed Ochs
  6. Burnham called me today and said there is no record of that serial # because the model was prior to 1980. So I simply stated that well maintained boilers can last 30-50 years as posted by someone earlier on this subject and stated it is in its middle life.. Furnace was very well maintained by seller. Thanks for your help... Hope this helps others Ed Ochs
  7. I'm looking for the age of a boiler on a Burnham Hydronics Model # 7-22-A Serial # 7530891 Any help would be great!!!! Ed Ochs
  8. I got this at one of the big box stores ie. Home Depot/Menards type Image Insert: 16.64 KB Image Insert: 21.51 KB
  9. See IRC R1003.9 Termination... Shall extend at least 2' higher than any portion of the building within 10' and also will be not less than 3' above the highest point that it passes through the roof
  10. This is a 2 yr. old house with a wood burning FP. I asked if they burned damp wood which may explain spillage. but there other concerns...there is a nail that has worked its way out at the top at flashing...any other ideas...[8] all the discoloration is on the south...wind usually is perdominantly from the north... Dampener issue or just draft issue... Image Insert: 28.99 KB
  11. Still looking for a condensed emissity table for home inspection. All the tables I found are to long and there seems to be a large range for items, Please help Thanks Ed Ochs
  12. Hi Jim, I'm doing a lot of research and development on my own, finding out a lot after my state certification that wasn't even touched on in my (long distance) course...any help would be great... I won't even do an inspection until I'm satisfied I can use my tools to their fullest potential... Ed
  13. Does anyone have a link to an emissivity table that would be used for HI's.... I have found a couple but they are moresofor those with a much wider knowledge base than we need...[:-crazy]
  14. Ed Ochs

    How Hot?

    I'm curious as to what the WH was set at... Ed
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