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  1. Looking to start a new home inspection business in the Northwest Chicago suburbs? Why not start with a built up client list and referrals. Business coming in rite away. Company has strong reputation as Professional, Dependable, Ethical, and Thorough. Selling my business in Illinois. Moving to the Dallas area. Includes: Company Logo Ad Designs Yellow Pages Ads Phone Number forwarded Website Email Client list w/introductions to frequent referrers. business forms 3-d software Will also help get you set up by going with on a couple of inspections to get you started. Wi
  2. Steven, Dont know if you are still following this post or not, but here is my two cents. As far as the paint goes. If there was a mold issue that was professionally remediated in the past, after the mold was remediated, they would seal the entire area with a type of primer to prevent it from comming back (it only takes a few spores to get some moisture to come back). I have seen this done on a few houses that I have been called back to verify the work was done and the ventillation issues were corrected. This would also explain the power vent. The cause of the mold was probably a lack
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