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  1. New Environmental and Other E&O Coverages Available By Isaac Peck, Associate Editor Working RE Magazine One of the largest, nationwide providers of professional liability (E&O) insurance for home inspectors announces the addition of new, important environmental and other coverages to its flagship home inspector's E&O program. Many of the new coverages are included in the base policy with no additional premium. The "A" Rated, Admitted carrier/program is available in most states. The addition of these new coverages to the OREP E&O home inspector's program makes it easy
  2. NEW Lower Rates on E&O/GL with most Coverages Included OREP is announcing NEW Lower Rates with the Same Broad Coverage on professional insurance for home inspectors. "A" carrier, Admitted (no surplus lines tax). "Most of the coverages you need are included in the basic policy so you don't have to pay extra for them, including Pest and GL," said David Brauner, Senior Broker. "The rates and coverages are right on the OREP site so you can compare at a glance with what you have. Don't renew without checking out this program and these rates!" The self-rating application (OREP.org)
  3. Hi Marc- this is from Consumer Reports. If you want the full report, you'll have to subscribe, I guess. None of the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms we tested did everything well individually but you can combine various types?photoelectric, ionization, combination or dual-sensor?for optimal protection. Here are the types of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms to consider. If you're looking for information about carbon monoxide & smoke alarms, Consumer Reports is your best resource. Consumer Reports? carbon monoxide & smoke alarm reviews will give you honest buying advice that you can
  4. Guys- point of clarification- Jason, the intern, did not write the story. It's a technical article written by a fairly well respected home inspector and author who has published here quite often, if I'm not mistaken. I will never buy a smoke detector for my family from now on that is not the 'dual' kind- that's what I learned. Why would I ignore that advise? To me, that's pretty significant. Maybe you knew that, I did not. http://www.workingre.com/workingre/smok ... -page.html
  5. First, Richard, thanks for your business. Guys- I'm not sure why Jason did this the way he did instead of just saying- we just published a good story in Working RE that you should read. We'll talk to him. But guys, the bottom line is that IT IS a good story that I learned quite a bit from. I hope you DO read it. He is an intern- give him a break, I'm sure he's learned his lesson. Enjoy the story and all the other great ones we publish for you at workingre.com. (This is David Brauner and I?m Editor of Working RE and Senior Broker at OREP.)
  6. Hi Rick- good questions. I think I understand what you're asking. Current coverage should not be effected (reduced) but if you have $500k limit, that is the limit for all claims and defense for that year once they begin spending. It is a hypothetical question and I've never seen it play out in real life, so it's hard to say anything for sure but I do know you have the one limit for all claims and defense for the year. The loss reserve is just set aside in case it is needed. As I say, if your premium doesn't go up, the loss reserve doesn't effect you at all unless you decide to move co
  7. Hi Rick, This is David Brauner. What I would say/recommend (as per the story): 1. What is a claim and when to report is a gray area. 2. If it is in writing from an attorney- absolutely. If it is an angry call or letter from a homeowner, use your judgment and monitor the situation. 3. Contact your agent if you’re unsure- we are here to help. 4. There is very little downside of reporting an issue and plenty of upside, as I say in story, for most home inspectors including coverage of the claim if it pops up later and support and help in dealing with the complaint from
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