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  1. Builders should take the initiative and put in static remediation systems, a couple hundred bucks when building. Then the buyer dcan test an dif there is need to remediate all they have to do is add a radon continoius fan to the stack. Jack Lofstrom Inspections Plus Glenview, IL
  2. I have inspected a new home that the builder insulated the complete underside of the roof with foam and there are no vents in the roof or the overhang. He has the 2nd floor HVAC partioned off and the balance of the space is unfinished but the floor has plywood over it. He foamed the interior basement concrete walls as well and has finished this space. The 1st and 2nd floor exterior walls are 2"x 6" metal studs with standard batt insulation. He thinks he will cut his energy bills by 50% Jack Lofstrom Inspections Plus 630-632-4569 Glenview IL
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