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  1. I am going to try a tinted outer window pane with a low-e inner pane to see if the tint will allow enough refraction of the light. Ill keep you posted. One of the issues with my neighbors is that a non low-e window will allow too much heat into house, raising energy bills, etc. legitimate concern so am trying a tint. If that does not work, I guess a hardi-plank will be installed.
  2. Never seen it. Only vinyl I've seen melted is right behind BBQ's. Martin, I have posted some pix of the sun hitting the vinyl on my house and causing damage. It was suggested that you might be interested in them. See my post on page 3 of this forum.
  3. Here are 3 pix I have taken of damage. I have a few more if interested. You can see the reflected sun that is causing the damage. Image Insert: 467.91 KB Image Insert: 457.76 KB Image Insert: 488.16 KB
  4. Again, does anyone know of any coatings that can be applied to the windows that reduce/eliminate reflection?
  5. Thanks. Realize Hardi Plank is way to go but not our call, unless I want to pay big $$$ to replace all siding. Not sure if screen an easy solution for window. There is just 1/2 screen on lower part now and upper, where I think reflection is coming from, may not have place for screen but that will be investigated.
  6. In the interest of neighborhood harmony, I suggest that you install Hardiplank siding on that wall. Paint it to match the vinyl on the rest of the house. - Jim Katen, Oregon Hi, I live in Charleston, SC. We recently moved into our home that was new construction with a light brown vinyl siding.The siding next to our neighbor's house (easterly side) has warped and melted. The cause is believed to be sunlight reflected from neighbor's Low "E" (?) windows. In mid afternoon, about 3 pm, I have noticed four small squares of sunlight being reflected onto my house where damage has occurred. Anyway, while I'll have to replace the siding, is anyone aware of a "cheap" way to stop the reflection from the windows-screens,coating, etc.? Thanks. PS I have pictures if anyone is interested.
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