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  1. I had the same problem with ice dams on my house. I use a coal stove and all the heat was going to the attic and melting the snow off the roof. I added insulation to the attic and made sure the roof was ventilating properly. I haven't had the problem since. Just an idea.
  2. "Trujillo also recommended replacing the Deane home's 168 lightbulbs with compact fluorescent models, or CFLs." 168 lightbulbs???? The house must be a small city.
  3. It was hard for me to get past the music. Is that a pan flute in the beginning? I was snapping my fingers, moon walking, and whipping my head sideways all at the same time.
  4. Image Insert: 186.75 KB What the pictures show is what I grew (sp?) up with and am used to seeing around here, a canvas wrap. Yours I'm sure is just a local incarnation, different manufacturer. If this doesn't help, take a pinch between your cheek and gum and see if it tastes like Asbestos[^] For Liability reasons. I am kidding... No, really, I am. I did taste it. It does taste like asbestos, with a hint of oaky flavor.[:-bigeyes That catalog picture is great. It looks exactly like it! Thanksid="blue">
  5. I know to find out if something is asbestos it should be tested, but can anyone identify this material? It was on the distribution pipes from the boiler. Sorry the pictures are not as clear as I like. Image Insert: 39.89 KB Image Insert: 33.23 KB
  6. id="blue">There was mortar failure.id="blue"> Noid="blue"> The attic wasn't accessible, there was just a 12" hole I could only fit my head in.id="blue"> This was an old oil furnace converted to gas. id="blue"> id="blue"> Noid="blue"> Thanks for all the help!id="blue">
  7. I found this clay block in a basement today. Does anyone know what this material is called? Image Insert: 75.52 KB Image Insert: 76.61 KB
  8. You are right. The furnace was an old oil furnace converted to natural gas. It's the first one I've seen. The thing sounded like a jet was about to take off. Thanks for everyone's input.
  9. How far can a chimney flue be offset? Here is a picture looking down the chimney. This chimney is used by a natural gas furnace. Image Insert: 57.4 KB
  10. Hi Chad, My inspection is Saturday @9am. Give me a call. 607-346-3510
  11. Thanks for the fast replies. P.S. I don't know of the brand of the combo yet.
  12. Hello All, I am new to the inspector's journal. This is my first post. This week I will be inspecting a oil/wood combination boiler. This is all the details I have at this time. Does anyone have any inspection tips for these systems? or any links to information? More questions. The oil tank is empty. The home owner plans on getting kerosene to light the furnace before I get there. I advised him to order oil, but he is not interested in my suggestions. Are there any hazards to anyone or to equipment? Will the flame burn differently?
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