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  1. ...not sure if this should go in the Electrical section or request "Gutter Guards" be installed... Click to Enlarge 77.77 KB Click to Enlarge 83.33 KB
  2. ...not sure if this should go in the Electrical section or request "Gutter Guards" be installed... Click to Enlarge 77.77 KB Click to Enlarge 83.33 KB
  3. Thanks Jim, The fireplace and gas fired appliances both vent into a single clay lined flue. Two flues were noted at the chimney however, one is abandoned. Photo included below. Thanks Download Attachment: Photo 34.jpg 105.22 KB
  4. Hi Guys, Any comments on the venting of this water heater would be appreciated. Besides sharing a masonry chimney with a wood burning fireplace on the other side and questionable slope it seems a wye connector may be needed to vent it above the boiler. No evidence of back drafting but venting is newly installed. Thanks again, Roy Baake | Interspec, LLC Download Attachment: Photo X.jpg 87.56 KB
  5. Todays electrical system. All comments welcome. Perfectly normal from the meter to the main. How is the Sub feeding two inverters? Looking forward to 24 CE's on solar power that the State of NJ will accept. Download Attachment: P1020800.JPG 1965.46 KB
  6. Now I'm really confused? Mike, instead of $5000, why not not just make a good website and work hard on SEO and be on the first page of search-engines? NOBODY (read it again) NOBODY can get at the top of Google's algorithm!
  7. Everything looks great but the last 5%. Your logo looks very pixelated because it's not the proper resolution (use vector graphics or .tif, .psd, or even .jpeg's that are scaled for 1920x1280). I think your graphics should look better than everything!
  8. ...that link takes me to a Yelp page with a slideshow. Am I missing something? Never mind, I found it. Very nice.
  9. This is the view from the Beesley's-Point Bridge in Cape May County NJ. A beautiful bridge about six feet above the Great-Egg-River with a perfect view of our local power plant, both slated for destruction this year. .the price of "Easy-Pass"... I photographed the bridge for our local paper, still waiting for $25 (I won the bid). Download Attachment: PowerPlantINJ.jpg 619.59?KB
  10. I use that report number format also. Todays report 1210081B for 1st & 1210082R for 2nd. Last letter is initial of client. Works well for me.
  11. This client found me in an unusual way. Seems he liked the report I had written for the buyer of a house he sold...so much for the confidentiality disclaimer plastered on every page of the report!
  12. Called out fiberglass batt insulation installed up-side down in a crawlspace last week. Client was told by the homeowner that the material was "double faced" and installed properly. I Googled "double faced batt insulation", and found nothing. It contains no combustible warning but appears to be typical kraft paper. House is about 40 years old. Anyone ever hear of this product? Download Attachment: Photo 5.jpg 127.22 KB
  13. Good stuff. I been painting since I was a kid and minored in art history at school. I'll have to post some if I can find them. Lately been sticking to photography. He's a link to some of my stuff. http://www.flickr.com/photos/28813695@N08/ If you paint in watercolor, make sure to buy a copy of The Helga Pictures by Andrew Wyeth, perhaps the best watercolor / egg tempera painter ever!
  14. Guys, just got back to the office after some quality sailing time (I'm currently restoring a 27' Cheoy Lee sailboat built in 1967...how do I get myself into this stuff!), I'm in the process of reading through these comments. Thanks everyone for the advice!
  15. ...there're calling it "Metadata", while enjoying a beer on duty...why am I a Home Inspector again?
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