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  1. He is correct in that. Sanded grout should have been used for that application. It is obvious this was a do it yourself job, guy didn't even take the time to take a homd depot free class, and probably took the "advice" of the 18 year old kid. I have had HD customers ask me what/how to use with tile when I am picking up tile supplies for myself. So, looks like you are going to need a new floor. No way to fix/salvage what ya got now!!!!
  2. Don't know what he is referring to as the "wrong type of grout". The grout job is only as good as the tile job. If the tile is not stable, then movement of the tile (however slight) will effect the grout. There are modified grouts out there, but those would not have solved the poor tile setting job. Guess your only option is to rip it all out and install the tile correctly. The good news is: It was such a poor job, the old tile should come up fairly eaisly!!! Good Luck
  3. I will agree with Tom. Either system can suffer. The economies of scale in building off sight homes may reduce the cost per sq. foot. However: That being said, the other reason for lower building costs, is the quality of the building materials, interior finish, type of plumbing, electrical, etc. Many of these types of structures I have witnessed, degrade faster over time, Is that due to poor maintenance or due to inferior building material??? Probably a little bit of both. Having been in construction/remodeling for many years, I stayed away from these. You never knew what you were going to get into, as each manufactuer had its own method of assembly. Ya can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear!!
  4. Guess just a matter of opinion. My son purchased a modular home in the Denver area, he didn't know the difference, and RE agent did not disclose it. But he loved the property/area. I was not impressed. Come to find out the agent's husband was in the business of putting those lego homes togeather. If modular homes are of better quality, then why would not the majority of new homes be modular? If stick homes are not as strong as modular, explain just how homes built in the late1800's on, can be lifted off their foundation, put on wheels, and transported to another and lifted back on a new foundation???? I'll take a older stick home any time. Even the old Sears and d Monkey Ward house kits are still standing, see many on the farms in the mid west. Guess I am of the old school, old and set in my ways!!!
  5. Manufactured or modular, the floors are usually of poor structural integraty. This looks like a do it yourself home owner job, as most tile setters would have pulled out the stove and tiled under it. In most probability, tile was laid over what ever floor was there, and possibly with mastic. Thus, poor/inproper istallation, springy floor, would cause lose tiles and the grout to crack. Proper method of tile installation: 1. over lay floor with 1/4 inch cement board, with thin set and screwed down. 2. Install floor tile with thin set. Due to structural issues with these types of "homes" I am not a big fan of installing tile.
  6. Course of action would be to provide a thread for those who wish to vent can do so. However, do not allow other threads to be hijacked away from it original topic/intent. As seems to occur just about everywhere. I am as guilty as anyone, allowing myself to get suckered into the debate. PS: still not a fan of licensing, but can live with it!!! Think I will pass on any org, doesn't seem worth the grief!!!
  7. The thread I assume you are referring to, was actually started by Michael O, in his "article" concerning NACHI. It would appear to me that it would be expected there would be a heated debate on both sides of that issue. Does it get personal? Yup, both sides of the issue have been argueing for a long time, with strong opinions on both sides. Mike O, I believe, is not a fan of nachi, so this has played into his hand to promote/validate his opinion. The only org. that I have witnessed being constntly bashed is NACHI. Therefore, I am left to believe that ASHI has no problems, NAHI, AII, etc? All orgs. have their down side, but only one org. seems to take all the heat. ASHI would not be my choice, to political in pushing licensing, which NACHI opposes. Michael O is a "licensing" guy, so it would be of no surprise which org. he favors. Kinda like being a Democrat or Republican. Don't think either side is ever going to win the debate nor win over the opposition. Just as it is in politics.
  8. AND JUST WHO IS THE REAL RAYMOND WAND?????????? Wand Ray, Romando, Romanian a$$hole, Bubba, Rose Bud, secret Wanderer, and on they go, so many personalities, how do you keep them all in your little brain??? Will the "REAL" Ray Wand stand up, there are to many of you to keep track of!!! You're going down, Ray, enjoy the ride!!!! Roy, I wouldn't get in the wagon with him, it's going to be a rough ride.
  9. RAY & ROY Well, you both have a problem, so why don't you just move on with life. Your obsession of nachi is selfdefeating. Ray: see you have a "new" posting name on NACHI. Cute How is Wally, Bubba, secret wanderer, rose bud, etc!!! ya guys keeping in touch.
  10. RAY: The ethics board is not a court of law, NACHI is a private organization, and can run it any way they damn well please. ROY: As long as you found it distasteful to "sit in the corner" for 14 days, you are due the punishment you received. As long as NACHI "doesn't beat to your drums" it's probably better for all that you are no longer a part of it. Move on, and start your own organization, then we will see just how "fair" and "open" you run your own gig. Sad, both of you had a wealth of knowledge and experience you shared, until you got off track.
  11. A Canadians only section? nope A Raymond Wand Section would be better. Raymond has a multiude of "friends" he could bring to this board. They spend hours posting to each other. quite entertaining
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