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  1. Thanks to all who answered my house- watering question....even you smartalecks out there....it just so happens we live in an area of the great state of Texas where the soil,(called Black Gumbo)-is about two-thirds clay-and our houses shift a lot when rains come and go..... I plan to start a house-watering regimen and see for myself if it makes any difference....will report back to all interested parties. Thanks again, cat
  2. catlugo

    hanging on

    what's a home inspector to do in these tuf times? how do you hang on....and to what?
  3. Is it true one should water one's house? If so, how much and how often?
  4. With so much upheaval in the housing market these days, and everyone wanting to buy a home, what are the main concerns for people as far as what they look for in a home inspection? It seems to me like people don't know what questions to ask and so I don't know how to help them. I'm wondering what's on their minds....and how to find this information out.... Many thanks, cat
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