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  1. I recently found two links on my web pages to home inspector's directories. None of which I approved. I am my own web master (not very good) and I publish using Microsoft Front page. I could not get rid of the links even by overwriting my whole web site The site is hosted by my son and he did something to remove them. So besides spam we now have this crap. Please check you web sites for unauthorized links. Mitchell
  2. I respectfully disagree. Flipping a float switch using my professional judgment, a little science, and basic logic. Is exactly what I am hired for. As to time management, my time management is to do the job I was hired. I've spent too many hours too many times at a home inspection but that's my job. Well everything fails it is only a question of time. But I am hire to tell my client is it working today. I am kinda surprised as I have always (mostly) admired your stand against the bucket head realator sucking inspector. When I started in this profession I was a member of th
  3. In So Fl almost all the houses have acs. I test every float switch period. That's my job {I think every one turned back on. Some never turned off and that's a problem. } I know this is going to sound harsh but some of you should not be a home inspectors if you are afraid of checking a float switch, a tprv, a garage door opener etc. because of liability. I have NEVER been sued or received a letter because something I tested broke.(15 years) I test what I can to a logical standard. Do you turn a faucet to see if water flows? Well, if you are in the profession long enough; a handle
  4. Get a copy of the permits pulled and make sure all are signed off. And make sure all permit were pulled. mlc
  5. http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/art ... 403995.htm Captain
  6. I have never seen a roof without a drip edge in So Fl mlc
  7. That is not correct. 2006 IRC P2803.6.1 says the discharge may be to the floor, to an indirect waste receptor, or to the outdoors. There must be an air gap in the same room as the water heater. I have only tested one with an air gap and it doesn't work. Nor can I see how one can work. mlc
  8. Based on opening thousands tprv I would say the percentage of "stuck " valves is about 1%-2%. The number that stay open are between 1/2%-1%. Please note that a gentle tap on the top of the tprv usually stops the leak at least until I leave. I would say the decision to not test by inspectors is based on the fear of repercussions of a stuck valve and not based on whether testing of the valve is a legitimate test. mlc
  9. Another interesting read. http://www.nationalboard.org/NationalBo ... sic26.aspx Sometime lifting a lever or pushing a button is the only test we have. I probably will never save a life because of my recommendations but I'm not going to stop. How about if I don't lift the lever I will never know. mlc
  10. I like this http://www.onthehouse.com/wp/19940207 mlc
  11. Maybe I heard about one http://www.dailyitem.com/homepage/local ... 74909.html mlc
  12. Have you ever heard of a water heater that exploded because the TPR valve stuck shut or failed? - Jim Katen, Oregon No ? Have you heard of a fire started or cause by FPE panel ? Have you heard of a fire started or cause by Zinsco panel ? Have you heard of a person being electrocuted by a faulty GFCI ? Have you heard of a fire started or cause by a double tap in a panel ? Have you heard of a confirmed lead poisoning in a residential home ? Have you heard of a confirmed asbestos medical condition in a residential home ? Have you ever heard of a water heater that exploded beca
  13. For some reason I can't use firefox if I want to upload a file. So I just give you the file locations. http://www.watts.com/pdf/ES-10L-100XL.pdf http://www.watts.com/pdf/F-DE-865.pdf We always talk about following manufactures instructions and I think it is very clear that they want these guys tested for good reasons. I have tested thousands of tprv and could not reset maybe five and in each instance I notified the seller what happened and that they need to call a plumber. I can not recall an instance where I was threatened but a do remember a couple of thank yous. I have foun
  14. "I can't understand why anyone would do an inspection without one." Well if I don't have an agreement what is a client going to sue you for? A bad inspection; well you should be sued for that. If you have an agreement it is a for the most part a one sided contract so if it is too onerous the court will not like that. In your contract you agree to do this and that and if you don't do it you can be sued. If you have no contract and go above the acceptable area practices you should be fine. All and all I've done many inspections for lawyers and for the most part they believe that agreeme
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