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  1. Yeah Brian just teasing you a little! I am afraid of Georgia as far as SEC teams go. LSU beat them twice last year but they (LSU) dont have the team they had last year. So far nobody as looked real sharp as far as SEC teams go..... Good luck with the Dawgs!
  2. Brian I was wondering if you could give me the score of the LSU/MSU game? LSU had third stringers in I heard....... HeeHee Ted
  3. Anyone had experience inspecting a "modular home" I guess aka like rednecks say a "trailer house"? Looking on info on construction, whats its made of joists etc.Also what to look for, etc. Thanks Ted
  4. Anyone give me some info on performing septic system inspections? I realize I am missing out by not doing them plus a local secondary mortgage company offered me 10 per month at $75.00 a pop. These would be totally independent of an HI. How do you perform these inspections, dye tests? What is the liability, how do you report them, where do you get the dye, etc? TY for help Ted
  5. Brian Where did you get your ladder from? Target has them with free shipping. Ted
  6. Inspected a house today for a young first time buyer.He expressed concern over termite damage that had beeen "repaired", specifically sill plate damaged due to termites. Someone came in and scabbed new joists next to the old ones with the ends resting along 2x8s screwed along the top of the block foundation wall.Some of the new joists didnt touch the new board screwed to the found. wall while others didnt even reach all the way across! Needless to say the buyer backed out and asked to stop the inspection. Normally i wouldnt but charged him half price and stopped the inspection then without looking at anything else and no report issued. I spoke to the realtor(first time referral from them!0 and explained the situation. He told me to write him a report explaining "what happened"! I told him I had no report since the isnp. wasnt completed. I told him I would write a letter explaining what I found so the buyer get his ernest money back.Did I make a mistake trying to help someone? What would you have done, written the letter or refused? Thanks, ted[:-bigeyes2]
  7. This just shows that the SEC is the toughest in the nation. Basketball, Football (LSU upset over Oklahoma!) Alabama over Stanford, roll tide! , whatever. I would put an SEC team against any conference anytime1 GO CATS!
  8. Brian? ..........Brian? are you there? remember Kentucky, SEC champs? heehee sorry couldnt help it!
  9. Thats ok about Louisville, Brian. What about Kentucky? They have some experience, dont know if they have enough depth! Ted
  10. Stanford is known as the Cardinals? I think in college ball there is only one "Cards" and they are coached by Pitino and reside in Louisville. I'll put them up against those wanna be "Cards" anytime, anyplace. Ok Doug?
  11. I dont celebrate all the holidays here on Earth, muchless any Martian ones...... Heehee[:-bigmouth]
  12. Brian, I was raised in Louisiana and am an LSU grad. from what Ive seen in the year Ive been here I think U of L is definitely the team in Kentucky. They manhandled UK at UK, they did lose two in a row when Pitino made his medical related announcement concerning his health. U of L also is young team whereas UK is "old" player wise. IMHO, Pitino could probably take a cubscout pack and make contenders of them! You asked me.........[:-dev3]
  13. Brian, Do I need to remind you I'm right between Kentucky and University of Louisville? Im glad to see MSU do well at roundball, especially after football season! just kidding........
  14. Voight, who helped you with your site and how do i contact them? Thanks, Ted
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