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  1. It's great to see the ASHI media blitz. Should pay dividends for the organization and its members. Erol Kartal ProInspect Inc. On the brink of being a C2 dude.
  2. Chad, Why don't you come to the next ASHI meeting out here? There's a motel 6 nearby with a 7-11 across the street. Erol Kartal ProInspect
  3. Joe H.= Is the increase in referrals measurable to be attributable to the Branding Efforts? Hi Joe, Since I'm still about a cat hair away from C2, I can tell you that many of my member friends are benefiting from the ASHI media blitz. Erol Kartal ProInspect Inc.
  4. Hi Jon, There are a couple of possibilities based on homes I've seen in areas like yours (Colorado). - The outside air is extremely dry this time of year, while you may have excessively moist conditions in the home. The end result is excessive condensation. Or you may have leaks in the window seals. - The basement pipes can be wrapped to correct the condensation problem there. If you have excessive moisture in the home it may be lack of insulation and poor ventilation. Make sure bathroom exhaust vents to the exterior. Erol Kartal ProInspect
  5. Nederland area is pretty cool if you like the Rocky Mountain wilderness like I do. So I went to the woodsy like office to apply, and Scott P. and Chad were already there in line so I went home. Erol Kartal ProInspect Inc.
  6. Mike, Etablishing links are a great way to improve site traffic and search engine rankings. If you want to take links to another level, nothing beats reciprocal linking. It makes search engines real happy and should draw interest for paid advertisements should you choose to go that route. Erol Kartal ProInspect Inc.
  7. Contact Erby Croffut. He has Palm Tech reporting down to a science. Erol Kartal ProInspect Inc.
  8. It's the easy road to riches sales pitch from the schools. Erol Kartal
  9. Gordon, I believe that instead of the industry policing itself, it may do just the opposite and spiral out of control. This is a relatively new profession but yet the streets are saturated with inspectors. There needs to be strong regulations and disciplinary policies enforced not just written. Minimum inspection fee would be nice too, but that's wishful thinking. $225 for a 4 bedroom home in Schaumburg is close to insanity. Just think of the service these clients are getting. Erol Kartal
  10. Chad, You do have that 'I'm honest' look. Better change that if you want to get work. Erol Kartal
  11. What's a cold winter night without sharing a little warm sausage w/your loved one, eh? Wife or girlfriend? Erol Kartal
  12. $10,000 just for the scanner. Other equipment needed too! Erol Kartal
  13. Candidates with logo privilege are also listed on the ASHI inspector search. Erol Kartal
  14. Hi David, For those of us who prepare reports at home, it's going to take at the very minimum 4.5 hours. You've got the inspection, travel time and report writing. A good comment/narrative library helps. Erol Kartal
  15. This company makes a 14'.5'' wood ladder that folds to 44 inches. http://www.adjustersladder.com Any feedback appreciated. Erol
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