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  1. I prefer sunny and 75 degrees with a light breeze and all of the utilities turned on. At that temperature I can check the heat and A.C. As far as the other things it dosen't matter much. I think the good experenced inspectors can locate the signs of winter defects in the summer and wet defects when it's dry. etc. Be well.
  2. If a builder builds a house for someone, and does not construct it properly, and the house which he built leaks...... It's normal.
  3. The recorders I use have four folders. Others may have more. It's an interesting concept but I'm afaraid I'd forget which folder is which and get the information scatted through the whole thing. [?] I record each inspection in one folder as I work. Short descriptions, locations, and notes. 99 potential notes to each folder. I always put the property address as the first note so I don't start off on the wrong foot. My report system allows me to shift between sections without having to fully complete them before I move on to the next section. It marks itself as complete when the all information is filled in. If I were able to remember which folder I was using for each system I would need about a dozen files to keep them seperate. My old brain cells are too worn out to get that complicated.[:-crazy]
  4. Why not put a window well around the thing??
  5. No one ever told me I would have to wear a flea and tick collar as a home inspector. Now that's funny. I don't care who you are. [:-thumbu][^]
  6. I'm with Kirt. It's not that difficult or nasty. Wipe of the dust first. I carry too many gadgets now to also include a bulb aspirator. I'd most likely leave it at one of the houses after a few days anyway. About half of the sump pumps in these parts have the plastic tube. 1/4 have a float. The rest are tested only if there is a connected hose close by.
  7. I say "pushed" the button. I used the term "mashed" with respect to Walter. He's kind of funny that way.
  8. I've mashed the test button and tripped the GFCI too. Some of them are still energized. Did you check for current after mashing the test button?
  9. I head about it a few days ago and read it in the ASHI E-letter today. Looks like the romance is off...........for now.
  10. Another way to determine if the grounds are present is to look for them or armored cable in the panel.
  11. I use a Greenlee with a sensitivity dial. I always carry it but don't totaly rely on it. I've only had one through the years that I somewhat trusted. I don't remember the name and I left it lying somewhere years ago.
  12. I getting ready to replace my old one also and had considered geting a tankless model. After doing some research I'm having second thoughts. The big plus would be space savings. The down side as I see it would be the cost and sometimes a less than an adequate supply of hot water. What are your thoughts Frank?
  13. I think they should sentence the men to house arrest in their penthouses!
  14. "hi there everyone, i inspected a house, but what i noticed was the whole house was cold except the kitchen, the whole house has wood flooring through out it except the kitchen which had tiles. Is this normal.. thank you for your help. The house is 20 years old and has a gas furnace which is working fine." Was the kitchen on the sunny side of the house with lots of glass.? If the floor was warm it could have been solar heat gain.id="blue">
  15. The usual. Defects, correct installation, improper installation, inspection methods.
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