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  1. nothing a few potted plants and some paint won't make all better!
  2. It really is plain and simple IMHO. As long as HI's in general continue to fight amongst themselves as much as or more than against any other negative aspect, the HI profession in general will never be taken serious.
  3. Just curious, have you recently done an inspection for one of their clients? Have you asked to see this "requirement" in writing on company letterhead? It may be a small possibility, but maybe this "agent" is trying to set you up to take the blame for something? I doubt that is it, but just be careful. It always scares me when people ask for my insurance information.
  4. Agree 100% here. Go with the strongest LOCAL organization. The one that does in fact have quality training every month and members who care. The big guys at the top can be the best intentioned folks around, but if the local chapter sucks, the whole thing does for you. You should be able to attend at least 1 meeting to meet who all is there and see what goes down. Good Luck
  5. The mythbusters proved this one out! And not sure how popular it is, but my grandmother drilled in into my head... The answer to every question you don't ask is no. (In other words, ask, you have nothing to lose)
  6. The stockbridge damper? Why would that need replacing? Or was it another piece? - Jim Katen, Oregon Not sure, the show was a little dramatized up I think talking about how a hurricane was otw and they only had so much time to replace the worn out part and if they didn't the whole grid could possibly fail.
  7. I saw a video like this on the science channel or such and they were replacing (at least in that video) the piece that prevents the lines from touching each other in high winds. And I agree about the helo pilot. Awesome skill.
  8. I think that job would be AWESOME! I'm not sure I could take that step offthe chopper onto the lines, but otherwise, lol!
  9. Especially if your a first time buyer, go to the store and buy 20 books about buying a house. Then go to the library and check out 20 more. Then borrow some from friends and family. Just get as many as you can. The point is, 85% of the information in those books may be useless to you, but that 10-15% that applies could save you $1000's. And cover the spectrum, learn about loans, insurance, flood zones economic areas, taxes, upgrading green and so on. I think I spent $800 on books the year leading up to my first purchase but I am confident it saved me over $10,000. The big one for me was completely understanding all the load jargon. Good Luck
  10. I meant nice from the consumer stand point when they honestly do get screwed over.
  11. Brutal maybe but also VERY nice. First, that fund is funded by all contractors not just HI's Short version, I paid a company for new kitchen, owner cashed my 1st installment check and disappeared. Took me almost 2 years going through the fund but I got every penny back plus legal expenses. Owner has a warrant out for her arrest. I have a new kitchen.
  12. Truck has my vote as well and here are some more reasons. Regardless of what the kid ever says, the "kind" of vehicle they have matters. That poor kid driving the minny van to school probably catches a lot of flak. A truck is manly cool even if it is only a small 4 pumper. His (use deep manly voice) Truck can do things others can't again even though he won't ever do them anyways. Also, trucks are usually better off in accidents do to positioning. Not sure of actual stats, but I believe trucks are safer overall. And remember, if you get a truck that has cab seats, make sure those seats are forward facing not side facing. Even a simple rear end accident can cause a lot of head trauma as it bounces off the rear windshield. Good luck, I have about 3 years then my 1st daughter is gonna want her car. So that means 5 years before I get it lol,.
  13. That man makes me proud to be Navy!
  14. Need an inspector for both (if you travel) or each one. My mother is selling in St Pete and may need some on hands advice then she will be buying Venice.
  15. If you are new to business and not really sure about social networking BNI for a year can be a good learning tool. I certainly learned quite a bit. But after that, it is more just a siphon for your money. The people in the group may be great, but it is not a place to make money. I did make more money in referrals than I paid, that is for certain, but then you must add a meeting every week (that is a lost inspection slot) and the possible cost of the meal every week (mine was $10, but even with holidays and that is over $500 a year). Then you have training you have to go to and meetings to attend. All lost potential inspection times. This does not even account the actual social meetings where you might drum up some business. So, again, I found it to be a very valuable learning tool. But after the first year the costs were just too high for lack of any new returns.
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