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  1. Placement When somebody types in a town/city, county, surrounding counties and even the state (which needs to include home inspection or home inspector) my company is located at the top 1/4 of the page. O-well, everyone have a good year.
  2. I'm thinking of selling my website but not sure how much to ask. I am and have been placed in the top 5 in almost all internet searches when somebody is looking for a home inspector or inspection for many years now. While there is a lot more to what I'm asking, I would like to know what you guys think about how much you think to ask. Note: My business is located in the second largest county in the state.
  3. You guys are tough. Not only will I sell you that radon machine and everything else mentioned above, I will also throw in a Dwight (from the TV show "The Office") bobble head. This great offer will only last 5 minutes after reading this post. So don't hesitate and miss out on this great deal. Send me an email now.
  4. I bought a few of these machines in 2008 and found I only need two out of the three. The machines sell for around $800 and I will sell this one for $400.00 It comes with the power cord, tripod, key and cable to connect with the monitor and computer. Last time it was calibrated by accustarlabs was last June. The monitor looks brand new. http://www.accustarlabs.com/radon-testi ... rs300.aspx If anyone is interested, email me at Kevin@QHInspect.com
  5. Still looking into Portland but my wife and I are a little concern about the amount of cloudy days there are throughout the year. While 40 degree days are not bad especially when the sun is out, but 40 degree weather on a cloudy, drizzly day is a little different. We are now focusing on San Diego, CA.
  6. Alright! Marijuana is legal there![]
  7. Thanks for the info. My wife and I just started collecting info about Portland. Beaverton looks interesting to us. There is a 2 bedroom apt that looks good for $1100 a month which is comparable around here. We will be paying either 7% or 9% in taxes which isn't much different than around here (not including the other taxes we have to pay). It looks like Portland's cost of living can range from $58,000 to $65,000. We get the winter blues around here due to the cold and snow so we might feel the same in Portland but feeling about 20 to 30 degrees warmer. We noticed the summers are not as hot and from the pictures I've seen, it does look beautiful. The economy over there is something more we have to look into. My wife is a Paralegal and I would be trying to get a job doing heating and cooling - something I would be doing now if I wasn't a home inspector. What is the primary way of heating and cooling a house in that area? And is there any areas we shouldn't be thinking about moving to?
  8. Just wondering if anyone on here is from Portland, Oregon or live anywhere around there. It seems every 5 years my wife and I want to live in a different state. I have lived in Indiana the longest due our daughter but she is going to graduating high school early (a month before she turns 17) and we are looking at a few locations such as Portland, OR; Suffolk, VA; Woodland, VA or San Diego, CA. So far Portland, OR is looking good. Any thoughts on Portland?
  9. Look at the state he lives in. I thought things were bad in Kentucky when I lived there until I was reading things about Tennessee. Contractors were really bad in many parts of Tennessee then they become home inspectors? When I moved up here (Northwest Indiana), I was glad to see that most of the home inspectors are knowledgeable.
  10. I think home inspectors need to start running their business so there is an opportunity for growth. Many home inspectors are happy with running their business with little cost from a small room in the house. I charge $325 up to 1,000 sq ft and $400 for 1,001 up to 3,500 sq ft which makes it hard to sell due to the $200 to $350 most bedroom office companies charge. Then many of these small bedroom office companies still rely on their wifes to make it. Rent an office building, hire a secretary that is not your wife or child, pay your office bills and everything else that goes with that, pay all the other bills required to stay a home inspector and then pay yourself $20 an hour for a 40 hour week and I know most home inspectors would be out of business in a normal market. That's not good. I strongly feel that a business should work for me, I shouldn't have to work for the business. Think about it.
  11. I personally didn't like the Chicago ASHI chapters. At one time they disagreed so much they started a second chapter. They were ran like a union, so it didn't matter how many years I was doing home inspections, if I joined one of the chapters, I was treated like I just got out of high school (plenty of examples to give). While there might be a lot of good ASHI chapters out there, there was too much macho, don't question what I'm saying attitude when I went.
  12. I was wondering if there is somebody out there that owns a multi-inspection business that is willing to answer some questions I have. I have an office (outside of the house) plus a secretary (not a family member) and I am planing on taking the next step (hiring a home inspector) to meet my business plan. If you are willing to share your experience running a multi inspection company, please email me at Kevin@QHInspect.com.
  13. Wow, no response.
  14. qhinspect


    There was an article that was posted somewhere where the home inspection company was sued for not reporting certain defects and that company lost. If this company had no assets and the owner had no personal assets, what is the worst thing that can happen? This guy owes the home owner a lot of money from the judgement but I don't know how that home owner is going to get it. I also don't know why this guy can't keep doing home inspections. If anyone knows the answer, It will be interesting to hear.
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