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  1. The microwave in question (built in with venting system, venting worked fine) is cutting off at 20 seconds (not a breaker trip either). Plus it is not even mentioned as an inspection item within my report. This is the first issue I have ever had with microwaves. They feel I am on the hook for it. Any suggestions on the proper way to handle this situation? Mike
  2. Am I the only one who does not test microwaves? I would like to know and if I am how do you all test them? Mike
  3. Do you have a picture? I have seen ground prongs broken off in the outlets before, blocking the opening. Never more than one though.
  4. What's the word on draining water heaters? If an older (say 5+ year old) water heater has never been drained will it damage or hurt it in anyway? What is a standard schedule for draining a water heater? and finally do any of you regularly recommend draining (as maintenance) water heaters?
  5. A few years back I was inspecting a home for a gal who's father was a city water dept. manager. He was really concerned about the expansion tank and whether there was a check valve in the system. He explained to me that in his city, water meters where providing erroneous numbers (over charging people). The cause was leading them to believe the expansion tanks were causing the water to pulse therefore making the meter tick up. He said the meters where not designed to run backwards. He was currently battling with the city code enforcers about expansion tanks being required on all newly installed water heaters without check valves. Ok, now that I have said all of that, I don't know what the end result was or if his conclusions were ever verified. However reading about your process of elimination I would be highly suspicious of the expansion tank and whether the check valve is truly working. Oh the city was Bellevue WA and it was approximately 4 years ago. Mike
  6. Why would I do that when I got you. []
  7. Download Attachment: Alien Cat.jpg 22.07 KB Just saw "Book of ELI" and according to the movie these cats pictured above are good eating.
  8. Here is the answer, NO it is not required. According to the local building code enforcer when the codes were last written it was omitted. Logically it does not make sense to me and I will still add it as a recommendation, but as for a requirement, it is not required. He also said that walls adjacent to living spaces, in garages, are no longer required to be 5/8 type x but now can be 1/2 type x but ceilings in garaged are still required to be 5/8 type x. Of course other jurisdictions may vary! This was for Snohomish county WA.
  9. I was just told by a contractor that it is no longer required to have a self closing hinge on a fire rated garage door. This home is new construction and is in a rural county area. I find this absurd. The door does lead to the entry hallway of the home. Any help here? I would love to correct the builder if possible. And if I am wrong I need to know. Mike
  10. Sure is, I take it you've seen it. Lots of interesting things!
  11. Here is a first for me, Main Electrical panel is approximately 10' up from landing below. Easily accessible from side entry. I read in past posts some conflicting info. on minimum heights. From what I read 6' 7" is max. height to top of panel. Is this correct? Click to Enlarge 20.62 KB
  12. MOB

    UV protectant?

    Does anybody have an opinion on "snow seal" or any other type of UV protectant for a torched down flat roof. A client was asking me about it and I was not completely sure. Are there any long term problems applying new tar over the top after?
  13. I doubt that that's true for most one-man shops. They'll sue the corp and the individual. - Jim Katen, Oregon Anybody can try to sue you personally, but if you sue a corporation you cannot go after ones personal properties. Therefore, creating a corporation does give you additional layers of protection. There are also tax benefits to being a corporation. But you would need to speak with an accountant or tax attorney about that.
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