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  1. Thanks, I considered a leveling compound but the thickness was puzzling. It was the same level ah the plywood in the hall. You guys have all been very helpful. Thats why this board is the best.
  2. I came across a type of sub flooring I am unfamiliar with. It's a mortar type material, about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Based on what can be seen in the basement it is over a wood subfloor and wood joists. Linoleum was laid right over this material. I suspect it might be a fireproofing or sound proofing material. The problem is is has cracked and the floors are uneven. This is a four unit multi family built around 1942. Click to Enlarge 43.06 KB
  3. I have taken to wearing them for the entire inspection. DeWalt has a great pair with bifocal lenses for reading in them. They make sunglasses versions too, it was getting to the point I couldn't read serial numbers anymore.
  4. I would tell my client that I am calling it out, especially if the client is older. Of course there is little that can be done about it. Even if the code at the time is was built was a max of 7 3/4 the AHJ can make an exception. Too late to do anything about it.
  5. A mix of jobs here too. Started as a manager of a Long John Silvers almost 40 years ago. Worked for a few others before getting out of the biz when #4 child came along. I have a friend who's family owned a Redwood distributed and started building redwood decks. Spent about 10 years running crews building decks and selling lumber. Eventually went to work for Home Depot. Back when they had managers to run Pro Sales. When my youngest turned 18 I went back in the restaurant business and ended up a managing partner for Brinker. When the Midwest was sold to a franchise I decided to change careers. I had been thinking about inspecting for some time. I met the licensing requirement through class at Jr.college. Go my LEED AP after that. The best education is this forum and JLC.
  6. I much prefer my mac over the PC I have. The problem is I use HomeGuage and they don't make a mac version, but there is hope! I contacted them a few weeks ago and thy expect to have an IPad version this summers.
  7. Wouldn't a fire rated expandable foam work. Great stuff and others make fire block spray.
  8. Just ordered both. Look forward to delivery.
  9. Is anyone using video in their inspections? I have a lot of out of town clients who invest in property they never actually see. I take a boat load of photos for them but I am considering a video tour to accompany the report. I'm interested in the camera you use if your taking video.
  10. The JLC article talk about the rise in safe room installs. Especially in tornado regions. Anyone seeing this?
  11. I had a gentleman come up to my vehicle, he saw my signs and sued if I had a minute. He wanted to know if I routinely looked inside the heat exchanger on forced air units. I told him no, not unless there is a opening I can get my camera into. He expedites the move in and out of properties, a concierge service of sorts. He proceeded to tell me of the problems another inspector caused him. Apparently the inspector removed something in order to get a look inside the heat exchanger. In the process he disconnected a hose. He thought to the humidifier but I suspect to the condensate pump. It was a week before the seller noticed water in the basement. It had run to a carpeted area and soaked the rug. The furnace repair cost him about 1200 because the circuit board also got fried in the process. The inspector claimed he did nothing wrong and refused to pay. How far do you go when inspecting a furnace?
  12. Thanks to all. Some of the Sears stuff drives me nuts. Jim, How did you arrive at 1985. I'd like to update the charts you already provided. Thanks again to all.
  13. I came across a Sears furnace model 867.769030. The size and woodgrain front panel suggest it is old. The yellow energy efficiency rating label has no number, it says "Your contractor has the energy fact sheet. Ask for them" but the furnace has a 98% efficiency banner on the front. I can't find an age code for a sears and the Kenmore makes no sense. The serial number is H429 61602. It is vented out the wall Any ideas on age? Thanks, Rick
  14. Thanks to all that replied. I thought 01 also, but it looks to new. I plan to call them tomorrow. I'll post what I find out. Enjoy whats left of the weekend.
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