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  1. HIs generally don't complain about the time they spend on inspections, but they all complain about time spent writing reports. How much better would your work and your life be if you could cut your reports -and your report writing time- in half? Or in quarters? Practice it and see.
  2. Mad credit to @Jim Baird for posting this and inviting critique. Few among us would be so bold. Virtually no one enjoys push-ups or sit-ups, but great athletes accept they are necessary for peak performance. Here's an ungraded exercise you will not enjoy, but it will make you better writers: Jim's sentence is 78 words long. Rewrite it privately or publicly and convey everything he did more clearly and in half the words or fewer. Great writing is re-writing. Go.
  3. Who covers greater Philly? A reader just asked me if I knew anyone. Thanks in advance, Jimmy
  4. Very kind of you to mention my name, Bill. I hope it doesn't keep too many people away. Alternative headline: Washed-up home inspector advises everyone in the business to learn from the best-of-class Yeah, that'd probably be too long. I've learned plenty from all three speakers and if you were holding it just a little closer to Boston I'd be there to soak up their knowledge and to pick up a little more of what Les is laying down, too. I hear things might be a little different now, but this conference is exactly what ASHI was in the early days. Honest, accomplished and earne
  5. No homebuyer would read this all the way through to the end but if they somehow managed to, they would not come away with a clear understanding of what to do next. #InspectionFail
  6. All my adult life I've heard smart people I respect say, 'Lead tastes sweet.' My question is: How do we know that? Who tasted it and told us? What is the source for this information?
  7. Good catch, Chad. This house is being built, so I presume the $10K tax bill is based on the previous value which was about $950K.
  8. Check this out. A developer bought a property for just under $1 million. He then renovated it with all kinds of next-level survivalist, high-level storm-protection/security features, and has it on the market for $5.7 million. Mind you, construction isn't finished and no one can see it until spring. http://realestate.boston.com/news/2019/10/23/you-need-to-pass-a-cori-check-to-tour-this-listing/ Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I sure haven't.
  9. Ladder climbing does involve risk. So does showering, walking indoors, walking outdoors -especially in winter, removing electrical panel covers, standing near a water heater whose TPRV lacks a decent discharge pipe, operating furnaces, eating romaine lettuce, driving to and from inspections, and opening emails. In every case, a bit of knowledge and training greatly mitigates that risk. Come on.
  10. A 32' commercial grade extension ladder will probably get you to the roof of more than 90% of American homes. It is also considerably more durable and cheaper than a drone. They weigh about 65 pounds, making them about as heavy as a fourth-grader and much easier to handle. Also, on a residential home inspection, the use of ladders is not subject to federal oversight, another attribute weighing in their favor. So why mess around with drones?
  11. Hey friends, I'm inspired by some truly awful home inspection advice that ace inspector Ben Hendricks came across and posted on social media this morning. It read: "You should not inspect in greater depth in areas where clients have concerns. This upsets the balance of the inspection and may expose you to greater liability because the depth of inspection in one area was not matched in other areas." I'd like to write an article taking on some really bad, published home inspection advice. If you see any online, please email me a link at JamesAndrewMorrison@gmail.com
  12. Marc, it's good that you proofread your reports and excellent that you sometimes do it more than once, but it's just not possible to catch all of your own mistakes. Even editors use editors. Don't be too hard on yourself. Striving for perfection is enough. None of us will ever reach it. Mike, I think photos can dramatically improve HI reports, but -just like words- more is not better. I'm sure a good photographer like you knows how to take an image, edit it, and use it with some words to tell a story. A lot of inspectors don't and I think their reports would be better if they learned how.
  13. When I got my first full-time gig as a reporter, my mentor warned me never to go back and read my first 60 or so stories. I did it anyway and found he was right. There were a lot of cringeworthy mistakes in them. None of us will ever be perfect, but if we keep striving to be better, we'll improve and hopefully that translates into more success.
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