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  1. I totally agree with Les. Keep it simple. Your client may be an archeologist.... he doesn't get the techno-babble. "Several anomalies were noted at the electrical installation. We recommend consulting a licensed master electrician to further evaluate the electrical panels/subpanels and perform all necessary corrective action to ensure a safe and efficient installation." That's it. Maybe a couple of pics
  2. I see this every winter. Usually not too much snow in the attic, except for the other day when, after quite a blizzard, i found about 2 cubic feet of snow sitting in the soffit area. Probably a missing flashing at the exterior. The snow melts and evaporates rather quickly in most cases and presents no real problem.
  3. Entertaining and, quite frankly, bang on. Simple is best. And a picture to give context. Great article Jim Morrison!
  4. Yup. Caulking looks like crap after a while and will inevitably leak. Nothing beats the flashing behind the siding. It lets the planks, flashing and attaching structure sit tightly together while improving overall ventilation of the siding. If any moisture finds its way behind the siding, it can evaporate quicker and be evacuated more effectively, minimizing mold and/or rot conditions.
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