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  1. I think your opinion is fair. We went back and forth for quite some time on whether to write the article because it's a topic that I'd label "risk management adjacent." What ultimately made us decide to do it was 1) the frequency with which inspectors ask us about it and 2) the number of inspectors who think that incorporating can replace other risk management tools, like insurance. Our goal with the article was for it to be an introduction to the subject that helped start inspectors in the right direction with the guidance to do as you suggest: talk to your attorney and CPA to find the b
  2. Hi TIJ Readers! After we published our Top General Liability Claims infographic in September, we received A LOT of feedback on Claim 4: Garage Doors. Since virtually every garage door-related claim we receive comes from the performance test, there was a lot of debate among inspectors about whether the industry should perform the test. So, we decided to explore the question further. In Part 1 of our 2-part series (Part 2 comes out on February 1st), we explore what the two major home inspection associations, ASHI and InterNACHI, have to say about the pressure test and how that may impact y
  3. Hi TIJ Readers! Happy New Year! And Happy National Radon Action Month! With the growing interest in radon inspections among the inspection community, we decided to kick off the year by interviewing 10 inspectors that offer radon testing. They share why they test, what investments they make to test, and how they manage risk. See an excerpt below. Best, Stephanie Radon inspections: What you need to know Radon: the colorless, odorless gas emitted into the air by the radioactive element, radium, as it breaks down in soil, rock, and water. Typically, radon penetrates buildings
  4. Hi TIJ Readers, My favorite articles to write are ones that directly stem from home inspectors' questions. This is one of those articles. An inspector asked us how to approach negative reviews without increasing his liability. Here's our answer. Enjoy! Stephanie P.S. Have a topic you'd like us to write about? Let us know in the comments. How to respond to negative reviews against your home inspection business Online reviews matter. But just how can reviews affect your home inspection business? A 2017 survey by Podium revealed that reviews impact 93 percent of cons
  5. Hi TIJ Readers! When you're in the process of buying or selling an inspection business, insurance is rarely the first thing on your mind. However, planning for your prior acts and future coverage is an important part of ownership changes. We go over some of the important insurance-related considerations in this article. Enjoy! Stephanie What happens to my insurance policy when I sell my business? And other coverage questions relating to ownership changes Could or have one of the following scenarios happened to you? The owner of the home inspection company that you wor
  6. From what I've heard talking to ASHI about attendee registration, they're anticipating some onsite registration, so I doubt you'll run into any issues booking there.
  7. Hi TIJ Readers! As many of you have reached out with feedback on our risk management articles, we've discovered that many of the same questions and concerns keep coming up. Many of those ideas have inspired the articles we plan to write in 2020. And we explore just a piece of one in this case study. The concept: When is it appropriate to exceed the Standards of Practice? And what increase in liability, if any, will I experience when I exceed the SoP? In this case study, we see an argument against a relatively common inspection practice: moving seemingly harmless objects to conduct a m
  8. Sorry for taking a while to respond to you. Had a crazy week and a half here at the office. I think there's definitely something to say against the one-size-fits-all approach to report writing. However, one of the reasons we wrote the article is because we get asked about report writing so frequently. There seems to be a high level of interest among home inspectors in report writing techniques--particularly amongst newer inspectors. So, I think it's beneficial to have some resources out there to give home inspectors some starting points/techniques to consider implementing. Agre
  9. I'll take that. The purpose of the article was primarily to posit the inspectors' points because I think they're the authority on this topic. Mertz and Sipe definitely had the most to say, so I'm not surprised it came off that way. Interesting feedback. Everyone who ended up in the article, including Burroughs, was recommended to us as someone who had authority to speak on report writing, in part due to his position as a Louisiana State report reviewer. While I can't speak on the quality of his reports because I didn't read them prior to writing the article, I think all of th
  10. Hi TIJ Readers! One of the most common topics we're asked to address in our articles, presentations, and one-on-one conversations is report writing. How can home inspectors do it well? To answer this question, we went to several experience home inspectors and asked them for their tips. See what they recommend in the article, excerpted below. Best, Stephanie Inspection Report Writing: 8 Best Practices For inspection clients and home inspectors alike, inspection reports are worth their weight in gold. Many inspection clients?often home buyers?rely on the findings inspectors
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