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  1. Yes the trap is under the slab already. I was leaning toward the bed of mortar under the acrylic tub myself as well. Thanks for the info.
  2. I was unclear... I was never going to level the whole floor, just the area that the tub is going to be installed. I thought that would make it easier for tiling the floor. I wasnt aware that only the front edge touched the floor (never installed a tub before).
  3. Im installing a bathtub in my basement and had a question regarding leveling the tub. The floor where i am going to install it isnt level (probably off by 1/4-1/2" from wall to front). Would you guys simply level with plastic shims, or would you level the floor first with a floor leveling product? Since i am going to tile the floor, im thinking that leveling the floor would make more sense, but i wanted to run it past you guys first. If you would level the floor, what product would you use? Im getting mixed information with all my searches. Any information or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I was at a house that was once septic (in front yard) and has since been converted to city sewer. My question is this: the front yard is maybe 100 feet to the road. There is a clean out with cap about three feet from the foundation, another one with cap about half way through the yard, and then two next to each other about 15 feet from road, one has a vented cap and the other is capped (vented one closer to home-yard is slightly down hill). Why so many clean outs? And, does this vented pipe only serve the city sewer, or does this help serve the fixtures in the basement that are not vented. There is a washing machine, floor drain, toilet and sink in the corner of the basement where the main sewer line exits the home (the only vent for the home is on the other side of the basement below the kitchen). There have been no problems with the existing fixtures (no siphoned traps, or sewer gas smells). Im fairly certain of the the historical data since this was not for a client (close family member). Thanks
  5. I show up early (1/2 hour to 45 mins) to get a head start on roof and exterior, if im done those before client arrives, i start typing those sections. inside to kitchen where i talk to client and do paperwork, start dishwasher basement and all its systems attic bedrooms and bathrooms on second floor first floor, and garage kitchen and its appliances review.
  6. Thanks guys... i really like the one im using, but i need room for a second car seat!
  7. Do any of you guys carry telescopic ladders? I currently use a 12' little giant type ladder for hatch attics, but for various reasons I need to get a smaller ladder. Ive always been hesitant to buy one of these because of ease of use, and i have never seen one in person to test. Which ones are the best, easiest to set up, etc.? Thanks.
  8. I was at a house today, rancher-only about 1100 square feet, that had 3/4" copper coming in from the street, and tied directly to a 1/2" line soon after entering the foundation. The rest of the home was all 1/2" all over. Two full bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. The water heater was also supplied with 1/2". The home was on a well a few years ago and when the plumbers hooked it up to public they just tied to the existing 1/2". Would you report that baths should be supplied with 3/4" and each fixture branch can be 1/2", or just mention that pressure may be an issue? (water pressure was acceptable throughout) What about the water heater? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. I guess the only measurement im looking for is the distance from the short side to the drain and the size of the box.
  10. Hey guys, I have a quick question about roughing in a drain for a tub in my basement. What dimension should the wood box i install in the floor around the 2" pipe (12 x 12" or 14 x 14"?), and what is the basic off stud detentions (how far in, roughly, should the drain be installed, from the base plates, from the long side and short side. I'm buying the tub from home depot and when i asked the sales rep for the detentions they told me they didnt know, but they do know that they are standard. Left side drain, although, I would guess that doesn't matter. My second question is, what is the point of the box? So there is some room to wiggle when installing the tub? I'd rather not buy the tub before im ready to install it if possible because i dont really have room to put it...
  11. It was for a 700 square foot 2 bedroom, one bath condo. I google'd it as well, i enjoy and value all of your opinions way too much to simply do web searches alone. Thanks! how do you get january of 07 from 881? Yea, i know it was pretty new.
  12. I was at a condo today that had a bosch gas instant water heater. Does anyone have the decoder for these? Weird thing is, i didnt see a serial number on it, (m# GWH 1600 H NG and FD#881 00059). What have you guys been telling people what the typical life expectancies of these are? I talked to a plumber about these a couple months ago and told me that they havnt been around long enough to tell. Do you guys agree? Thanks
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