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  1. I have a Protimeter SM and here is a good book on moisture and meter readings that Protimeter engineers recommended. "Dampness in Buildings Second Edition by T.A. Oxley and E.G. Gobert" Costs about $35.00
  2. Donald, I do not mine, for you saw the whole PEX setup. I should have asked if the downward bend was fasten to a stud, but I figure it was because of your experience and you not asking in your question. End of subject for me.
  3. I understand where you are coming from. Have had the same problems in the past with builders and I am sure I will experience it again in the future. Thank you
  4. Chris; Like they say " You have express your opinion and I have express mine". After reading again the General Recommendation - Comment #3 "Use clamps or straps at tubing bends directly from connections", reading the Instruction Guide page 7 (At your PEX site) and looking at the photo again My opinion remains the same. "The holes in the studs are acting as a strap"
  5. I agree with Richard about no value support. Cris: The way I see the installation, the holes in the studs are acting as a strap. The maximun horizontal spacing for pipe support for PB, PE-AL-PE, PEX, PEX-AL-PEX is 32"
  6. The labeling of the neutral with the white tape would not fly in our City or County (white, gray, white stripe only), also can not see the other end in the so called gutter.
  7. I have never heard of that method of construction for a slab. I have used visqueen on top of a slab for curing instead of a chemical spray. Tim Do you have any pictures of a slab prior to placing the flooring material with this method of construction?
  8. If you ducting is in the attic, I would add more insulation over the ducting (Ducting is either a R4 or R8) instead of cooling your attic. Up here they have a R40 in the attic. Manufacture homes have a R50. Blow-in insulation is cheap return on your investment.
  9. Everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I will be helping the wife serve about 140 people, who are shut-in (I am one of ten drivers for there meal)
  10. Here are two that we use Office 995 (PDF995) FREE and DocuPrinter this one costs about $29 both PDF converters are excellent.
  11. I have seen 30 days to 6 months, just depends on the product. Here is from Grace. Installation of the roof covering can proceed immediately following underlayment application. Grace Tri-Flex 30 cannot be used as a primary roof covering. The product is not designed for permanent outdoor exposure. The installation of the final roof covering should take place within 6 months. Mike link also has 6 months. Chris Take a look at the back side of the label and it most likely will tell you the exposure time for that product.
  12. Yes, Yes and Very Concern. In any self-employed business you should have at least 6 months of reserves to cover your business expenses, personel bills and living expenses. Under capitalization is one of the major reason's that most business's fail.
  13. I might be wrong on this, if I am someone well straighten me out. "Claims Made" is cheaper then "Occurance" because of the longer exposure to the insurance company. We have "Occurance" from Allen because they to not write a "Claims Made" for Nevada. If you have a claim from some inspection that you did in past and switch carriers you would have to report that claim to your old insurance company if that inspection was done under a "Occurance" policy other wise it would not be cover under "claim made" policy because of the date of Inspection to policy coverage. I just got some E & O insurance for a Inspector in North Dakota and it only costs $1200.00 per year, in Nevada it runs about $3500.00 first Inspector and $2750 per Inspector after that. The North Dakota policy is not with Allen's (Allen's wanted another $2750). The reason the Agent from ND gave me for the lower rate was because the State limits the liablity to one year just like the building contractors warranty. I think that all Home Inspector's and there different organizations should work toward getting there State government's to limit our exposure to the same time frame has the builder's, then we would see a hell of a decrease in our E&O costs.
  14. I will call you this morning around 10:00.
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