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  1. Thanks everyone for the solid support. For some reason the link I sent is no longer working, this (very long) one seems to be ok: http://www.diynetwork.com/stud-finder-2 ... =BY_RATING Please take a second to "RATE" me!
  2. I'm confused. Chris looks kind of hot! More than a change of career? Click to Enlarge 20.12 KB I'm not really that hot. I had a wig and a lot of make up on that day.
  3. Hey Jimmy, thanks for the love! It has been awhile since I've visited, but I've been working hard to fight the good fight since joining the "dark side". I'd really appreciate any and all clicks. I've been working on this dream for about three years now, and it's been a grind. Thank you for your support!
  4. I'm a bag guy too. I hate stuff hanging from my belt- always makes my pants droop.
  5. I swear I read that totally different at 5:30 this morning! My bad!
  6. ??? Not my experience at all. With the exception of some much older ( and worn out) jobs, the tread, nose and riser are all covered. Its usually not done in one piece, but it ends up looking that way.
  7. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! That's been my experience almost every time.
  8. Jeff, It's commonly done out here when there's a monolithic pour. You'll likley see some hairline cracking, but it's not s a structural isse.
  9. Brad, this may qualifiy as gallows humor in your case, but really funny. http://www.hallpass.com/media/surelock.html Hope you're well on your to a speedy recovery!
  10. Jim, I have a vague recollection of black box theatre. I do have many memories of partying in the labrynth of catacombs that ran under the SUNY complex. Those were the days!
  11. Not to mention the incompatible pipe hangers...
  12. Oh crap Katen- I'm a SUNY Purchase guy too...sort of. I spent a lot of time there from '83-'89. Took a handful of acting classes, played a ton of Ultimate Frisbee, and have way too many sorrid "artsy-chick" stories. (the things we did on, and under, the Henry Moore)You don't know Mike Farnum, do you?
  13. I once found about 200 early 20th century milk bottles (which I collect) buried in a cavity under the stairs of a home I was remodeling. The homeowners gave me two. I suppose I should be grateful...
  14. The concrete forms a pocket around the wood, which traps moisture, which certainly can cause the wood to deteriorate.
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