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  1. I have retired and would like to sell my inspection tools. Admittedly, it is not the newest equipment, but it all works and if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get some special tools, these will serve you until you can afford the latest. Here is a list of my inspection specific tools: 1. Bacharach Fyrite Pro CO analyzer 2. TIF 8800 Combustible gas detector (needs new battery) 3. Lignomat pin-type moisture meter 4. Drieaz contact moisture meter (similar to Tramex) 5. SureTest circuit analyzer 6. AWS analog clamp-on electrical multimeter 7. Pen-type voltage detectors 8. Bacharach combustion draft indicator 9. Water pressure gauges 10. Assorted probes, mirrors, thermometers, and gadgets All this would cost you well over $2500 to buy new. I will sell it all, including the tool bag - price negotiable, but keep it reasonable. If you would like individual items, I can do that too. cvi55 (at) wavecable.com
  2. This is installed on the cold water supply to the water heater where an expansion tank would normally be installed. The black cap just spins around, so I'm thinking it's an air gap or vent of some kind. I saw no label. Anyone know what it is? Mark Click to Enlarge 44.13 KB
  3. Katen gave me the answer: 80% furnaces don't need a pan, all the moisture goes up the vent. Thanks!
  4. Today?s new construction had a York furnace (80%, Cat I, model TG8S040A08MP11A) in the attic. It was properly supported on secured CMUs but there was no condensate drain pan. Are there any furnaces that DON?T require a condensate drain pan? Kill switch, maybe? Mark
  5. Thanks for updating it! However, the AO Smith info since 2008 is; the first four digits are year and WEEK, not month. E.g. 1127******* is 27th week of 2011. I verified that verbally with AO Smith.
  6. Thanks for the info, Greg. these don't seem to be attached to the ground, unless the cleats you mention are on the bottom of the 2x plates, which are on top of the plastic vapor barrier - obviously put there after the building was set in place. The system in the tiedown.com web link is not what I'm seeing. I haven't checked all the other references yet.
  7. I inspect a fair number of manufactured houses, and do engineer's certifications to HUD requirements. However, the "system" I saw today is new and I can't find any information on it. Does anyone know what it's called, or where I might find data on it? There were two of these under each half of a 40x28, for a total of four. Thanks! Mark Click to Enlarge 56.82 KB Click to Enlarge 62.07 KB
  8. Saw one solid aluminum wire in a 1972 house, which made me start looking closer, and saw a bunch of these connectors - note the different wire sizes going into it. Is this a connector for Al to Cu wire? Can't find a photo on the web. Click to Enlarge 68.02 KB
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