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  1. Wow that sucks big time for the operator on that picture [:-bigeyes]
  2. I also use spybot and works great, but I also use spywareblaster and it says its purpose is to prevent spyware from being installed onto your computer, so far so good on my laptop. I will add the link another day when I am on my laptop I have the link saved.
  3. I am now glad that the snow has melted and now I am able to inspect the roofs. I hate the snow
  4. What are some electrical tools that are highly recommended when doing a home inspection?
  5. Around the early 1960's And no efflorescence or water staining anywhere is found
  6. My uncles house has no weep holes on the exterior wall that are made of brick and there is no smell of any sort inside but I cant tell if there is any moisture building up between the wall. And there are no discoloration or holes on the walls, so how could I check to see if there is moisture building up?
  7. Just out of curiosity has any of you ever used InspectVUE R3? because that is what I have and its the first one, I am wondering if its any good? the website is www.pvsoftware.com
  8. How would you inspect a roof if its completly covered in snow and there is no attic to get under the roof to check it from the insisde?
  9. I am studying to be a home inspector and I was just wondering what are the tools that I need when I am done and become a home inspector so when i finish I will have the tools ready and bought.
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