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  1. Sorry to have created a confusing question. Lets try it again. Forget all that I have said before. I saw a 200 amp main panel in a garage. There was no other disconnecting device between it and the meter. This panel had 4/0 Alminum service conductors wired into the service main breaker and neutral buss connection. The neutral busses were isolated from the panel box. There were two ground busses, one on each side of the panel box, bonded directly to the panel box. (This is to say they were isolated from the neutral busses and neutral service conductor.) A #4 bare copper grounding condu
  2. Hello guys, Thanks for clarifying forum etiquette for me. I have modified my profile but will fess up on this note as well. My apologies but I don’t know you guys good enough to show you my girlfriends picture yet! I'm Mark Bishton. I have a one man inspection shop in Southern Indiana called Benchmark Home Services. I've worked in the home building business for over 30 years. Started as a grunt on a framing crew in 1970. Became sole proprietor of a small projects construction company in '78; incorporated in '82 and started building turnkey custom homes. I have been designing homes since '
  3. I saw a 200 amp main service panel in an attached garage today. There was no exterior disconnect. The panel had neutral busses on each side and ground busses on each side. (Like a subpanel would need) The ground busses were isolated from the neutral and the service conductors, including the main grounding conductor were all in correctly. So far so good. All of the house circuit's ground conductors were connected to the left grounding buss and all the neutrals were connected to the right side grounding buss. The neutrals from the house were isolated from the main service neutral. I report
  4. I thought that the actually diameter of a copper wire can vary within a given guage if the insulating capacity of the insulation wrap is greater or lesser. Wouldn't you need several labeled samples of say 12 guage wire and then wouldn't you also have to be able to read the labeling on the wire that you were comparing?
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