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    In my new guy thing i have posted 2 things let me know what you think and i have not put everything in the first since i have not wrote down everything will update when i get a chance. Its a referal machine and a tax deduction machine. 2nd post i left answer to the questions were in light red. dark are my explaination.
  2. Well look at the causes, insulation (lack there of) r-49 value = 15 3/4 inches in snow belt area's. Ventilation is it correct or no. Not enought to go off of but thats what causes the problems.
  3. I cant give the answers since everyone is different i do that so i can see what you are doing and can help with all i know. And everything is free. Drop me an email and you will see how i do things.
  4. I want to say this very blunt. I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING. I have put a link to my site being built right now. i do this to fill time durning my day when my wife is off at work. That also it makes me happy helping other people. You can look at my half built site if you click on my profile. I am honestly not selling anything just letting everyone know. I just enjoy helping thats all in sales, marketing and crushing stormchasers. If you dont want to look at the site here is the address: http://solutionsforsuccess.needroofnow.com/default.asp
  5. If you need help just email me. I do it privately with the questions pic whatever you need help in with a phone number so we can go over them so i can help for FREE.
  6. I am more into sales at this point than installing have not done that for years. and i am NOT selling anything
  7. Well i would build a custom flashing when the window is being installed if not build one to complement the exsiting flashing and solarseal just enough so it looks right. 1 problem the window if is a walk out porch it must be tempered in case someone fell. and the flashing would custom made to fit. thats the way i would do it. im guessing your a fake im i correct?
  8. sure include phone number since typing it hard for me those questions are saved on my computer.
  9. So basically copy and paste in email so i can see them since everyone does things different, leave a phone number so i can help you the best i can and i promise i dont charge a dime. Does it make more sense now guys?
  10. Well john since everyone is different i do via email since 1 my questions to better know you and what your doing is more than likely to long but will try and would like email and answers and questions to me. this way i know how to help in the best i can and no i dont charge a dime im going to try adding the questions: Sales Introduction Alright here how this works. First before I can teach you anything, I need to know about you a little. Hence the questionnaire. With that please be as specific as you can and tell me everything so I can get a feel for how you work and such. Tell me as m
  11. I will i also know roofing, installing and such worked my self from a laborer to an owner and back to a salesman. If any one need some advise just ask i dont charge a dime. just goves me a thing to do.
  12. not selling a thing i promise. just here to help thats all no selling period. I would like to thank the guys for welcoming me. check rooing.com i give advise for free and i am very educated in roofing. just thought i would go and try and help others thats my purpose here. If by chance im not welcome here i can leave no problem no hard feeling just let me know via private email thanks. check the sales info and whatever else you want to check it will prove to you my intensions. Thank you and god bless. BTY i am disabled and will be for atleast a year so i have nothing better to d
  13. Hello fellas i am stopping by to say hi to all and looking forward to what this forum has to offer.
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